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Air Cushion Packaging Machine Rental

No capital, No maintenance, and ownership at the end*

Short term, by the week/month or fully supported packages over 1/3/5 years to include Supply-install-service-support. Call 080 68125809

* Rental options are only available upon approval.

Sometimes customers prefer rental rather than purchase. The reasons might be temporary projects or simply wishing to spread a large investment. That is why PACKMACHINE also offers used air cushion packaging machine and air cushion packaging machine for lease or rental at competitive prices for shorter or longer periods. You have two additional advantages here, elimination of any worry about machine maintenance or inspection and being fully in control of costs.

Air Cushion Machine in Bangalore

Air cushion packaging machine ready to use

Whether new or used, we always deliver our rental machines fully ready for use. After the rental period, we take back the air cushion packaging machine and ensure that they are properly disinfected and cleaned. This means that you can rest assured that we always supply clean rental equipment.

Transport of the air cushion packaging machine

Would you like to arrange the transport yourself, or should we take this off your hands? This option offers you the opportunity to schedule collection and return yourself or to let PACKMACHINE arrange this for you. At PACKMACHINE we use our own means of transport or regular carriers that we know well for both domestic and foreign deliveries.

100% quality guaranteed with PACKMACHINE

You do not run any risk when renting our new or used air cushion packaging machine. During the entire rental period, PACKMACHINE gives you a 100% guarantee on the use of our machines. And you can rest assured of their reliability when you apply them in your process, because they are all fully checked by our experienced technicians before delivery.

Air cushion packaging machine for short or long projects

You can rent your air cushion packaging machine from PACKMACHINE for short or longer periods. If you have a large, longer-term, project, we might advise you to enter into a lease with us. We are always happy to think things through with you, to find the best solution for your situation.

If you would like more information about renting or leasing our air cushion packaging machine, please feel free to contact us right away by email or by calling us at 080 68125809. Our team is ready to provide you with all the information you need.

Typical Air Cushion Packaging Machine that we are offering for hire can been seen below

AIRplus® Mini Inflatable Air Cushion Machine in Bangalore

AIRplus® Mini Inflatable Air Cushion Machine

When space is at a premium the AIRplus® Mini air cushion packaging machine fits right in. Small, yet highly productive the AIRplus® Mini packaging machine saves valuable storage and handling space used on a tabletop or a stand.

Check out our AIRplus® Mini Inflatable Air Cushion Machine
AIRplus® GTI Inflatable Air Cushion Machine in Bangalore

AIRplus® GTI Inflatable Air Cushion Machine

AIRplus® GTI air cushioning machine is hi-tech simplicity at its best. Offering convenient features combined with a processing speed of up to 75 fpm, AIRplus GTI is a reliable packaging machine that will deliver outstanding production and cost benefits to any packing environment.

Check out our AIRplus® GTI Inflatable Air Cushion Machine
AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler in Bangalore

AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler

The AIRplus® Cushion Packaging Film Coiler allows you to create large rolls of Cushion Film on-demand for distribution to the packing area as needed. This reduces supply handling and eliminates the requirements for storage of large rolls of protective bubble product.

Check out our AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler