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Vacuum Packaging Machines

Advanced Vacuum Packaging Machines: PACKMACHINE, Bangalore - Preserving Freshness and Extending Shelf Life with Precision

PACKMACHINE stays at the forefront of durable industrial vacuum packaging solutions. As an industry leader, PACKMACHINE offers specialized models of industrial vacuum packaging machines for a wide variety of industrial packaging material needs including those of the medical devices, aviation components, and automobile parts.

A reliable industrial vacuum sealer enables quick yet efficient vacuum packaging of medical products, such as disposable equipment, safely within a clean room environment for sanitary and bacteria-free delivery to hospitals and doctors alike. Likewise, our high-tech vacuum packaging offers aviation and automobile industrial manufacturers convenient storage and handling of delicate parts and components. Our programmable control panel allows storage of your products parameters setting for consistent packed result and seal quality.

Regardless of your industry, we can offer you the right industrial vacuum packaging machine for quick, vacuum sealing.

Vacuum Packaging

Why Is Vacuum Packing A Good Choice?

Vacuum packing machines reduce storage space, maintain cleanliness, and ensure quality as the product makes its way to the consumer. The decreased space makes it easier to pack several products into boxes for shipment. Here are a few benefits gained by using vacuum packing machines:

  • Extra Barrier of Protection
  • Minimal Product Loss
  • Multiple Packaging Choices
  • Better Product Presentation
  • Easier Merchandise Handling

Sealing prevents product contamination and provides a barrier from moisture exposure. This type of contamination is detrimental to products as it can result in mold, discoloration, and other types of issues. If your company does not currently use vacuum packing processes, it is time to consider how this option could benefit your business.

Industrial Packaing Machines For Your Business

  • PACKMACHINE units are built from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and years of service.
  • Our rigorously tested features and options address your unique industrial sealing needs.
  • Barcode printing options or data collection and analytics available.
  • Our easy step-by-step guide and our support staff gets you up and running quickly.

Vacuum Sealers Protect Valuable Industrial Products

  • Medical devices are protected from bacteria during transportation and storage.
  • Dental supplies are safeguarded from contamination and germs.
  • Fragile aircraft components are prevented from bending or breaking.
  • Automotive parts are prevented from being damaged in handling or shipping.

Advantages of Using a Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packing machines can be used in any kitchen, domestic and commercial. They enable the sealing of food in air tight packages, easily and quickly. An initial investment is required in order to purchase a vacuum packing machine. But the benefits that result from being able to vacuum pack food provide a good return on this investment.

There are several benefits to be had from using a vacuum packing machine; both financial and practical. Let’s examine six of these benefits in more detail. Read more

Vacuum Packaging Machines by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore: Advanced Solutions for Preserving Freshness and Quality Across Industries

Household Vacuum Sealer in Bangalore

Household Vacuum Sealer

More than just a common food sealer, the VAC-10 is made to perform a wide variety of tasks beyond food packaging: Use it to protect gear, tools and spare parts from salt and humidity; safeguard important pictures and documents; make emergency kits for car, home, or your loved ones; baby proof your delicate belongings; keep bait fresh; reduce odors and seeping aromas; compact your clothes to carry less luggage; meal-prep and portion your diet; or protect your valuables for a sunny day at the beach.

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Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine

Ideal for the food serving industry including restaurants and culinary institutions, as well as for home and hobby use like hunting and fishing. More than just a common food sealer, the VAC-275 is made to perform a wide variety of tasks beyond food packaging. Protect gear, safeguard valued items, make emergency kits, reduce odors, compact clothes, babyproof items, and much more!

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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

The VAC-500-F is a mid-sized industrial-grade self-standing vacuum packaging machine. It's equipped with a heavy duty oil-filled rotary vacuum pump, a dual bar wide-seal sealing system, analog controls, and casters for ease of movement. Its chamber size allows it to be used of a wide variety of applications, as it can hold products of larger proportions.

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Double Chamber Vacuum Machine in Bangalore

Double Chamber Vacuum Machine

The E-VAC-610-FD double chamber vacuum packaging machine is ideal for high-speed packaging applications. This rugged machine is equipped with two heavy duty oil-filled industrial rotary vacuum pumps, two wide-seal sealing bars per chamber, analog controls, and casters for ease of movement. Its chamber size allows it to be used of a wide variety of applications, as it can hold products of large proportions, while its double chamber design quickens production speeds and simplifies the packaging process.

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Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine

Thermoformers are packaging machines that start with a film for packaging film form the packages for foods. The packages are then sealed with vacuum, map or skin. Perfect for packaging fresh and processed meat, cheeses, fresh pasta, sandwiches, fish, bread and bakery products, PACKMACHINE thermoforming machines meet all the needs of small, medium, and large productions, ensuring efficiency and speed in format changes.

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Gas Flush Vacuum Packing Machine in Bangalore

Gas Flush Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum sealing boosts quality and protects packaging contents. The process reduces the amount of oxygen in the package to prevent the growth of bacteria and for increased storage time. While commonly associated with food or electronics, this packing method applies to a variety of products from pharmaceuticals to electronics.

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Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine

The continuous vacuum packaging machine can replace the labor automatic vacuum packaging machine to save your time and increase productivity. The conveyor belt platform of our continuous vacuum packaging machine makes packaging speed faster, the conveyor belt vacuum platform and conveyor belt both can be washed with water, it meets IP65 waterproof Graden standard, also the machine speed and inclination are adjustable.

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