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Packaging Machine Rental

No capital, No maintenance, and ownership at the end*

Short term, by the week/month or fully supported packages over 1/3/5 years to include Supply-install-service-support. Call 080 68125809

* Rental options are only available upon approval.

At PACKMACHINE we offer you the opportunity to hire our packaging equipment for all of your product packaging. Our packing machine rental services can be custom made to suit your personal needs and requirements. For example, PACKMACHINE provide so much more than just the machines themselves. We can install your machines into your packaging warehouse or premises in a way that best suit productivity for your company and staff. We can regularly service the equipment so that you can maximise productivity and work to ensure no stoppages or lost time due to breakdowns or malfunctions. In order to always be best assured of our services and help you can contact us and our team for any advice, further services and customer help, whenever the need arises.

For mass production companies who load their merchandise by the pallet load, we offer pallet wrapping machine rental, that will help you to spend less time worrying about securing the load properly, and more time getting your precious goods to where you need them. For those who require sealers for smaller consumables we offer packaging sealers for hire.

As well as machine hire, we can provide the consumables such as shrink wrap, paper cushion materials and the materials (generic or recyclable plastic) used to provide air cushioned protection from damage to your products while in transit. We have everything that the machine needs in order to run efficiently.

Our terms and arrangements for our packaging machine hire, is on offer for weekly hire, monthly or even on a more permanent arrangement over the course of many years at a time. Our machine hire can be for brand new machinery or reconditioned or used machinery and equipment that is capable of running to mass production standards.

Our packaging machine rental solutions ensure your packing operations are:

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • Consistent

Good packaging equipment will create real savings for your business, reducing costs for packing, shipping and delivery and ensuring products arrive on-time and in good condition.

Quality machinery will support worker safety and comfort too, ensuring your team can work safely and efficiently to package and ship goods. Productivity is also improved as wastage is reduced – as machines effectively erect, seal and wrap packages using the optimal amount of materials.

Providing the latest machinery

Choosing to hire – rather than purchase – machinery ensures you have the latest equipment. We’ll provide you with new machinery every three years and deliver regular servicing and maintenance to keep it working precisely, reliably and safely.

Machinery and materials to suit your needs

We’ll take the time to understand your products, operations and shipping requirements and advise on the best machinery and consumables combination. Our options include erecting, sealing and wrapping machinery, and stretch wrap, shrink wrap or cushioning materials.

Our service also includes installation, training and maintenance as standard.

Reducing waste & improving reliability

With options to pre-programme your rental machinery, we can set up your equipment to perform automatically. This ensures the right amount of packaging is used every time – enough to ensure product protection, without creating waste or unnecessary costs.

The Benefits of Renting Packaging Machines

Save Money: Keep capital budgets intact and enjoy the profits generated from the machine's output. Rental payments can be classified as operational expenses, which can free up money for other capital expenditures.

Save Time: Since PACKMACHINE’s rental equipment is immediately available, we can reduce the go-to-market time for new product launches. Be up and running while the competition is still figuring out how to get product on the shelf!

Save Space: Stop having surplus equipment from failed projects taking up valuable warehouse space. Renting reduces the risk of having used processing or packaging machinery sitting idle.

Providing the right equipment for your goods

We provide a wide range of packaging machinery and equipment, suitable to erect, seal, strap, stretch-wrap or shrink-wrap goods. Our most commonly used solutions include:

Stretch-wrapping: Efficiently wrapping pallet-loads, programmed to stretch film accurately and efficiently; ensuring protection and preventing waste. Options available for both table and hand attaching for semi-automatic dispensing, or fully automatic, using conveyors to apply film.

Strapping: Dispensing accurate lengths of strapping to bundle products; ensuring bundles are secure while preventing waste. Options available to cover pallet-loads, boxes or paper.

Carton sealing: Closing and sealing cartons; ensuring protection for goods in transit.

Carton erecting: Efficiently opening, partial-closing and sealing the base of flat pack cartons; presenting your packers with a ready-to-use box while reducing packing time and preventing waste.

Shrink-wrapping: Using heat-applied wrapping techniques to shrink wrap and seal film around products; protecting goods while ensuring worker safety.

We can also advise on and source specialist machines.

Delivering a complete rental solution

All our rental options include installation, training, maintenance, breakdowns and spare parts. We’ll also advise on the right consumables and can add these into your overall price and plan:

Installation: Our team of experienced engineers will install and test your rented machines ready for use, pre-programming machines for semi-automatic or fully automatic dispensing requirements.

Training: We’ll deliver operator training and provide comprehensive user manuals for your kit, allowing for immediate integration into operations and reducing the risk of downtime once in use.

Maintenance: You’ll receive regular maintenance visits as standard, working to a bespoke servicing schedule suited to your operations and timings.

Consumables: Whether you need stretch film, strapping, tapes, cushioning or otherwise, we’ll advise on and provide the right consumables for use with your machines.

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