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Induction Sealing Machines

Induction Sealing Machines: PACKMACHINE, Bangalore - Reliable Seal Integrity for Bottles and Containers

We have a range of induction sealing machines to cater to the varied needs of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting with a small facility or have a production line with a speed of around 100 feet per minute.

Our packaging solutions meet all the industry and compliance norms. They are additionally easy to operate and can fit into any industrial environment. Our solutions are cost-friendly and reliable in the long run. You do not have to worry about any maintenance or overhead costs.

We understand that your business might have different packaging needs based on your products. Having been in the business for long, we have developed reliable packaging solutions to meet all your needs.

We have a range of solutions like induction sealing, wad inserting/cap lining, cap assembly, and flip top cap closing machines. Our solutions benefit industries like healthcare, personal care, dairy, FMCG, special chemicals, confectionery, and much more.

We have seven induction sealers and four cap and closure machines. Our induction sealing machines have a maximum line speed of 100 feet per minute. The cap and closure machines have a maximum speed of up to 160-200 caps per minute.

Induction Cap Sealing in Bangalore

Induction sealers are suitable for all the containers such as:

  • HDPE Bottles
  • HDPE Jars
  • LDPE Bottles
  • PET Bottles
  • PolyPropylene (PP) Jars
  • PolyPropylene (PP) Bottles
  • Glass Bottles (Plastic cap is mandatory)

What Is Induction Sealing

It is a process of hermetic sealing of containers with heat-sealable foil laminate closures. The uniqueness of the process lies in its complete non-contact heating and sealing process. The closure is usually made up of a number of layers which includes pulpboard, wax, aluminium foil and a layer of polymer. The layer of polymer is usually compatible with the material of the container. The polymer is chosen in such a way that the induction sealer can seal the lip of the container with it in a completely hermetic way.

During the sealing process an electromagnetic current is induced into the foil, which results in heating. This heat melts the wax layer. The wax is then absorbed by the pulpboard which in turn releases the polymer foil. As a result, the polymer foil melts and seals the lip of the container hermetically.

What Are The Benefits Of Induction Sealing?

Safety is priority. And with induction sealing, we make sure the content is safe and secure. Whether it is medicine, delicious beverages or tasty food, we are here to secure it all. Induction sealing is a crucial part of a product. In package designing, it is one of the most important part. Induction sealing machine is used to secure the bottle’s content from tampering, leakage, prolonged freshness, longer shelf-life and theft proof.

Comprehensive Range of Induction Sealing Machines for Diverse Industries by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore, India's Leading Provider of Induction Sealing Solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, and Chemicals

Manual Induction Sealing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore

Manual Induction Sealing Machine

This is a manual induction sealer machine for cap sealing with a capacity to seal 4 to 6 caps/minute. This is usually suitable for laboratory use and can seal caps measuring from 20mm to 120mm in diameter. It is a small, portable and easy to carry, but robust machine that one can operate round the clock and on a table.

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Continuous Induction Sealing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore

Continuous Induction Sealing Machine

Continuous induction sealing machine designed exclusively for small production lines, laboratory use or batch production. It is compact, hence portable. Because of its smaller size, it can be operated with ease.

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