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Skin Packaging Machines

PACKMACHINE's Skin Packaging Machines: Transforming Product Presentation and Protection in Bangalore

Skin packing, or Skin Packaging, is carded packaging where the product (or products) is placed on to a piece of cardboard and a thin sheet of transparent plastic (LDPE, PVC, ionomer, etc.) is placed over the product and cardboard.

The special Skin Packaging printed or unprinted cardboard, has a heat-seal coating and during the skin packaging process, the plastic film is softened by heat and a vacuum is applied to provide a firm fit around the product. The film bonds to the heat-seal coating on the cardboard. The skin-packed piece of cardboard is then cut into individual units sometimes with a euro slot/sombrero or round hole for product merchandising.

Skin packaging somewhat resembles Blister Packing, with the major difference being, the plastic surrounding the product is formed over the product, instead of being pre-formed.

Skin Packing can be a far cheaper alternative to Blister Packs where a generic backing skin board can be printed and used on a wide variety of products. With almost zero set up costs and low material cost skin packing is an option that should be considered.

Skin packing is perfect for low value or low volume products where the costs of blisters and the necessary tooling are too prohibitive. Using Skin Packing we can simply and securely, seal your products onto a backing card with a clear film. Cards can then be cut to the size you require, or with the correct die-cutter, a pre-printed skin card can be produced to provide a very similar product to a blister packe

The advantages of choosing Skin Pack, Skin Packing (or Skin Packaging) for your product are?

  • We can assemble and glue pre-cut flat pack cartons, crash boxes, trays, shelf ready point of sale units as well as affixing extras to greeting cards, folders and booklets.
  • We can use glue dots, permanent or peel able, double-sided adhesives and transfer tapes.
  • Folding and assembly of postcards, wedding invitations, name place cards and more...

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Skin Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Skin Packaging Machine TB-390

Model TB-390 skin packaging machine has the advantages of wide scope of use and low cost. It needn't mould in packing any kind of goods,and the packing procedure is simple with the effects of transparent,beautiful. Strong felling of stereo perception,preventing damp and dust.

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