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Protective Packaging Machine

Cushion and protect products with top quality air and paper protective packaging machines

Need equipment to pad out single wall boxes and packages? PACKMACHINE can fill that void! Our range of void fill machines can provide everything you need for cushioning, blocking or bracing your products to protect them in transit and prevent shifting. Choose from a variety of options, including the popular Fill-Air Rocket void fill machine – and find the perfect void fill solution for your business. Both our paper and air void fill machines come with a one year warranty, and our machine specialist will be happy to provide a demonstration and training for you and your staff. To make sure you choose the right machine for your business, talk to one of our experts today.

PACKMACHINE is aligned with all the top void fill equipment manufacturers in the industry. Between paper, air pillows, bubble on-demand and cohesive automated equipment, we have a protective packaging equipment solution for any application.

Paper void fill dispensers are a cost-effective way to protect your products. We offer machines that create differently shaped paper padding that gets inserted into your cases. This padding can cushion, block and brace nearly any shape and weight of product.

Our large selection of inflatable air pillow systems produce air filled films on-demand. Air pillow packaging provides a soft cushion for your products to assure there is no damage during the shipping process. And, since air pillows are smaller before inflation, you can save on space and labor.

Bubble wrap packaging machines can be used in pretty much any application. They provide versatile void fill that will absorb shock and cushion your product to prevent shipping damage. The equipment we offer can dispense different sizes and strengths of bubble wrap on demand.

For cohesive automated equipment, we offer a cold seal system that efficiently packages items of any length. A variety of add-ons and optional features are available to meet your specific protective packaging needs.

Learn more about our protective packaging equipment below. To discuss which void fill solution would be best for your application, contact a Hughes Sales Representative today.

Cushion and protect products with top quality air and paper void fill machines

Air Cushion Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Air Cushion Packaging Machine

At PACKMACHINE you will find a variety of on-demand inflatable air cushion packaging machines such as air cushioning to solve your shipping need, from ship-from-store applications to full scale distribution centers. Our reliable machines use high quality films to create air cushions for packaging, wrappable patterns for light cushioning and hybrid cushioning that offers additional product protection throughout the shipping cycle and deliver a clean and enhanced unboxing experience for your customers.

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Paper Cushion Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Paper Cushion Packaging Machine

The PACKMACHINE paper cushioning system is an efficient way of dispensing paper, fully automated and adjustable and will reduce wastage, speed up the packing process and offer excellent protection to your products. It also suits businesses who are trying to reduce their use of plastics. Paper cushioning is a great way to offer maxium protection and shock absorbtion when fragile items are in transit. Use paper pads in a variety of ways - to cushion, to wrap, to brace or as simple void fill.

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