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Stretch Wrapping Machine

Look no further than PACKMACHINE for stretch wrapping machines that will streamline and complete your packaging operation, leaving your goods ready for transit or warehouse storage. Teaming up with the industry-leaders Robopac and TOSA, we are pleased to present these ideal end-of-line machines dedicated to high performance pallet wrapping. Machines are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic variations with an impressive choice of specifications and optional extras to suit every application and any warehouse setting. Please note that our fully automatic machines are designed for pallets to be conveyor-fed whilst the semi-automatic equipment typically requires your pallets to be positioned into the wrapping area by an operator with a pump truck or forklift truck. Browse our full catalogue of pallet wrapping machinery below or call our expert customer service team today for a dedicated recommendation.

Stretch Wrapping Machine in Bangalore

Wrap and secure pallets quickly with our stretch wrapping machines

Stop your pallets from moving around while they’re in transit by wrapping them tightly in stretch wrap film. By utilising a stretch wrapping machine in the workplace, you can speed up your warehouse operations and ensure that your products are secure. Also known as a closure packaging machine, even a small stretch wrapping machine can have a huge impact in your business. As your business grows, and you find that the entry-level stretch film dispenser can’t keep up with your demand, upgrading and using industrial stretch wrapping machines can be a simple way to ensure you don’t let customers down and that you can keep up with loading and packing times. Designed to assist businesses with the securing and shipping of large quantities of palletised goods, a properly installed pallet stretch wrapping machine can speed up your wrapping process. A crucial time saver during your peak periods.

What type of stretch wrapping machines should I use?

For lower volumes that require simplicity and speed, choosing an entry level semi automatic stretch wrapping machine that is easy to use is a more viable alternative. All you need to do is drop the turntable base, plug in, and use. Fitted with a photocell for automatic height sensing and a basic control panel for easy operator control, it’s ideal for a production line that needs to wrap around 50 to 150 pallets per day.

When you need to wrap over 300 pallets a day, one of our more industrial stretch wrapping machines could better suit your business. Requiring more set up than our basic entry level models, these stretch wrapping turntable machines can be customised to your pallets. Boasting a more detailed control panel, it’s ideal for varying shapes and sizes found on a busier packaging line.

For a fully automatic stretch wrapping machine, with more even more flexibility, then why not look into equipping your workplace with a Robot Serie 6. Self-propelled and packed with sophisticated technology, it can wrap almost any size or shape. Able to store up to 12 different programmes, you can quickly customise your machine to wrap numerous types of packaging. Designed to make it easier for the operator, the drop on spindle does not require any tools, maximising pallet loading efficiency.

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Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine in Bangalore

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Our portfolio of semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machinery from Robopac is equipped to meet your needs and industry regulations whatever your application. Including both rotating arm, self-propelled robot and turntable models, our semi automatic stretch wrapping range can be customised for a fully bespoke solution. Optional extras like digital weight scales, freezer-proof systems and stainless or mild steel finishes are available and varying speeds, film carriage types, loading ramps and wrapping cycles can be catered for.

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Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine in Bangalore

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

We manufacture automatic pallet stretch wrappers which suit busier packaging lines. These are designed to help businesses safely secure and ship a large quantity of palletised goods. The entire wrapping process is completed at an efficient speed to keep up with your demands.

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Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine in Bangalore

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Whatever your application, our collection of fully automatic pallet wrapping machinery from Robopac - the premium name in stretch wrapping - is equipped to meet all your needs, as well as industry regulations. Our fully auto pallet wrappers are comprised of turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring models which can all be offered in manual loading or conveyor driven variations to fit your exact requirements. A choice of speeds, configurations, film carriages, loading ramps and wrapping cycles including standard, dust-proof and water-proof are also available. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone machine or a more integrated system, we can help.

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