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Cutting-Edge Packaging Machinery: PACKMACHINE, Bangalore - Delivering Tailored Solutions for Efficient Packaging and Logistics

Packaging machinery provides manufacturers and packers with efficient methods of packaging and protecting products for transport and sale. Offering options for improved efficiency, properly calibrated and supported machines, can decrease packaging materials use and improve packaging speeds.

PACKMACHINE has over 25 years of experience developing impactful packaging solutions for our clients. Working with world-renowned packaging equipment companies, we offer clients new and innovative equipment for their packaging solution. Our team of factory trained, and certified technicians support your packaging machines throughout its life cycle. We offer a full line of packaging equipment support to ensure your machine has a long and productive life.

Incorporate a high speed, fully automatic packaging system into your business to save time and costs while maximizing output. Equipping your workplace with an industrial packaging machine helps improve a business’ productivity. PACKMACHINE offers many different types of industrial packaging machines that can help your colleagues work more efficiently, and as a result help your business handle higher volumes, which is especially useful during peak periods. Featuring everything from manual to automated packaging machines, there are plenty of ways to save you time and stress when you’re preparing products for storage or transit.

Advantages Of Packaging Machines For Manufacturers

Most manufacturing businesses are aware that automating the packaging process can be beneficial, but some may be reluctant due to the upfront investment. This is understandable when companies have to work out the costs, benefits, and risks for every single large investment they make. To help you with your decision, this article discusses the main benefits of packaging machines. Unveiling the Advantages of Packaging Machines for Manufacturers

Why Choose PACKMACHINE To Invest In Packaging Machinery?

Technical Expertise

Our service department is not only knowledgeable about these types of machines but also in what materials can run in them and which ones run best.

Dual Support

We have strong relationships with the manufacturers of the machinery we provide. You not only get our support but the support of the manufacturer as well.

Longevity and Dedication

Being in this business since 1999, we know what questions to ask, how to support you, and how to find the best solutions. If we are not able, we will recommend someone that can help you.

Everything you need in one location!

Once you’ve chosen the commercial packaging machine, you need to make sure you have the right materials to use it properly. PACKMACHINE stocks a wide range of packaging materials, which includes everything from rolls of shrink wrap to strapping and accessories. By bulk buying packs of useful packing materials your wrap systems will be well supplied, and your pallet and box packaging machines will always be at the ready.

You can count on us!

All our styles of product and pallet packaging machines come with a warranty, so you can buy with confidence. For extra flexibility when you’re on a tight budget, our void fill machines are also available to hire so you won’t have to make a big investment. Plus you’ll also get free delivery and installation, as well as full after care support. If you need any more information on what the right packaging machinery is, contact our specialists – with their expert advice and product knowledge, they will help you find the best solution for your business.

PACKMACHINE: Leading the Way in Bangalore as India's Premier Manufacturer of Versatile Packaging Machinery for Various Industries.

Strapping Machine in Bangalore

Strapping Machine

Our line of strapping machines quickly and securely strap, bundle or palletise cartons and boxes. Both the fully automatic strapping machine and semi-automatic strapping machine are especially designed to reduce stress and time strapping your loads and packages. They are suitable for 9-12mm wide strapping and have a total cycle time of 2.5 seconds (semi-auto) and 2.2 seconds (fully automatic).

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Stretch Wrap Machines in Bangalore

Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch wrapping, also referred to as pallet wrapping, is the process of using stretchable plastic film to secure products firmly in place for shipping on pallets.

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Shrink Wrap Machines in Bangalore

Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Wrapping is a process that involves the application of temperature sensitive films. When heat is applied to the film it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering.

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Carton Sealing Machines in Bangalore

Carton Sealing Machines

Carton sealing machines, commonly known as case sealers, are packaging machines that fold and seal the top lids of your packed cartons. These machines offer a reliable and efficient way to seal cases after the packaging process.

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Case Erectors in Bangalore

Case Erectors

Case Erectors are case forming machines that automatically form, fold and seal corrugated cartons from flat boxes. Case erecting systems remove the need for operators to stop packing products to build their cartons.

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Flow Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Flow Wrap Machine

Flow Wrapping, or Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) is the process of making a horizontal bag from a single roll of film. Heat is applied to the bottom and ends of the film to form a sealed, flexible package already filled with products.

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Void Fill Packaging Machines in Bangalore

Void Fill Packaging Machines

In an ideal world, every product would have a package that fits it perfectly. In the real world, there is void fill packaging. Void fill packaging uses secondary packaging materials to fill open space in packages to limit shifting and moving during transport.

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Water Activated Tape Dispensers in Bangalore

Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Water-activated tape, otherwise known as gummed tape dispensers, generates an immediate, strong bond resulting in a superior seal on corrugated cartons. Starch based adhesives are applied to reinforced paper stripping that becomes active when wet.

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Sealing Machines in Bangalore

Sealing Machines

Heat sealing machines are used for a variety of applications. Most commonly, they are used as plastic and polythene bag sealers. Providing an airtight seal, they can also be used for food packaging and with additional materials such as foils and laminates.

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Vacuum Packaging Machines in Bangalore

Vacuum Packaging Machines

As an industry leader, PACKMACHINE offers specialized models of industrial vacuum packaging machines for a wide variety of industrial packaging material needs including those of the medical devices, aviation components, and automobile parts.

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Induction Sealing Machines in Bangalore

Induction Sealing Machines

We have a range of induction sealing machines to cater to the varied needs of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting with a small facility or have a production line with a speed of around 100 feet per minute.

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Conveyor Systems in Bangalore

Conveyor Systems

We are proud to have been providing innovative conveyor systems and state of the art automation solutions. We have been delivering this to a range of industries for more than two decades, gaining a breadth of experience unmatched in our industry.

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