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Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Wrap Machines: Versatile Packaging Solutions for Various Applications by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore

Shrink Wrapping is a process that involves the application of temperature sensitive films. When heat is applied to the film it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering. Shrink wrapping equipment is available for a variety of product sizes and in both automatic and semi-automatic formats. At PACKMACHINE, we can help you find the right shrink wrap machines that are tailored to your operation’s unique needs.

Shrink wrap is an efficient way to secure and wrap your products and pallets, as it quickly adds a quick a secondary layer that protects them from the elements. Using this material in your business is a practical, quick, and cost-effective packaging solution to secure products while they’re in transit or sitting in storage.

The plastic material is designed to shrink down to the contours of whatever it’s covering when heat is applied, making it especially useful for products like ladders or pieces of furniture. But to do so, you need heat, and that is where PACKMACHINE can help. From shrink wrap industrial equipment to portable heat sealers, to shrink wrap dispensers, you can find the right product for your business.

Advantages of Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap is a plastic film that holds things together and protects them from dust and weathering. You can wrap it around just about anything—whether it's one thing or a bunch of things—and then heat the film to create a tight-fitting, self-sealed package. You can use shrink wrap to bundle small items together and to protect big stuff like dry-docked boats.

Shrink wrap is sometimes confused with stretch wrap, but the two packaging materials are very different. Stretch wrap is an elastic film that stretches tightly around a load and is frequently used to wrap pallets for shipping. Shrink wrap is applied loosely and shrinks tightly with heat. It's frequently used to wrap individual products or bundles of products for sale.

There are several ways to apply shrink wrap

  • You can put smaller stuff in a shrink wrap bag.
  • You can use shrink wrap tubing from a roll to wrap packages of different lengths.
  • You can use shrink film bands to secure lids and caps.
  • You can secure and protect bigger stuff with shrink wrap rolls.

Shrink wrapping offers a wide range of benefits


When heat is applied to shrink wrap, it creates a very tight seal. This plastic seal then fully protects the shrink wrapped contents. Once sealed, the items are no longer vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by dust, dirt or moisture. Some types of shrink wrap even offer UV protection, to keep your packages safe from the sun’s harmful rays.


Shrink wrap is made from one of three durable plastics: PVC, polyolefin or polyethylene. PVC is a traditional choice for wrapping packing for CDs, software boxes and office supplies. Polyolefin can be used to wrap food products and is also used for more premium retail applications. Polyethylene films can be extremely thick and sturdy for industrial applications.

Shrink wrap thickness is measured in mils or gauge (ga). To convert mils to gauge, multiply by 100. For example, 1 mil is the same thickness as 100 ga. Higher numbers mean thicker wrap, and thicker wrap is stronger.


Since shrink wrap both seals and holds its shape once applied, any tampering will be noticeable immediately. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies now shrink wrap their products, as well as food manufacturers. Some types of shrink wraps used by banks and government agencies change color when the plastic has been stretched, to show that the sealed items have been touched.

Branding Opportunities

Shrink wrap can be designed with colors, words, pictures and logos that promote your products. From your production floor until it reaches the end user, your product isn’t just wrapped in plastic—it’s wrapped in your brand. This is a marketing tool that can increase brand awareness, and make you more visible to your customers.


Many foods that need to be preserved, either for transport or to extend shelf life, are preserved in shrink wrap. Food-grade polyolefin shrink wrap is a regular choice for food production companies.


Shrink wrap is one of the few packaging materials that's useful for any size project. Small electrical wires are often shrink wrapped to prevent exposure to moisture. Game pieces, candies and hardware can all be bunched and shrink wrapped. On the other end of the spectrum, shrink wrap kits are sold to weatherize boats and greenhouses. Freight on trailers and trains can be shrink wrapped for easier transport. Even entire buildings have been shrink wrapped to prevent chemical leaks or exposure from hazardous materials.

Why Use Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment?

As you enter peak periods, or if you’re handling high volumes of pallets and products that require a waterproof and dust proof layer, different machines and shrink wrap tools can help alleviate user stress and help you keep up with higher demands. Unlike stretch film, which doesn’t need heat to apply the covering, shrink wrap needs heat to efficiently utilize the material.

A shrink wrap is ideal for distributors who are selling CDs, DVDs, books, or computer games, as well as similar products. Because it’s great for presenting products, our portable equipment is ideal for a low cost manual solution. If you’re looking for a more long-term solution to speeding up warehouse operations, then our packaging machines can be a great alternative. Perfect for providing a professional finish to high volumes of products, you can wrap high-value or bulky products quickly and securely. Using one of our shrink wrap machines provides a low-energy and automated solution to your packaging.

Our performance packaging machines will help transform your productivity

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective shrink wrap machine, then chamber shrink wrapping machines are the ideal solution for you. They don’t cost much to run and from only a small footprint can provide excellently finished results. The machinery is extremely easy to use, combining the sealing and shrinking process at the same time.

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Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Our semi-Automatic shrink wrapping machines add a degree of automation to the shrink wrap process, to aid both the seal function and permit the automatic transfer of packs to the shrink tunnel. With these shrink wrap machines, pack speeds of up to 10 packs per minute are normally achievable.

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Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

A fully automatic packaging shrink wrap machine begins with an output rate of 25-30 packs per minute and moves up to and beyond 100 packs per minute. This removes direct operator involvement whilst maintaining enough flexibility to be customized for most shrink pack profiles.

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L-Sealer Shrink Wrappers in Bangalore

L-Sealer Shrink Wrappers

L Sealing Shrink Wrappers are the optimal shrink film applicator for smaller product sizes. A heated arm is raised and lowered as products pass underneath. Shrink film is then heated and sealed around the product. This ensures the proper amount of shrink film is applied to each product.

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Shrink Tunnels in Bangalore

Shrink Tunnels

Shrink tunnels are the heart of shrink wrap systems. Shrink tunnels move products along conveyor systems while maintaining an even consistent temperature. This improves the shrink wrap process allowing for equal wrap application around the entire product.

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Shrink Sleeve Wrappers in Bangalore

Shrink Sleeve Wrappers

Shrink sleeve wrappers use a horizontal sealing arm to wrap trays of products like cans. A shrink sleeve wrappers is a great secondary packaging application for finished products ready for unitization.

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