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Heat Sealing Machines

PACKMACHINE: Leading Heat Sealing Machines Manufacturer in Bangalore, India - Sealing Solutions for Every Application!

PACKMACHINE offer a comprehensive range of Hand Operated Plastic Bag Heat Sealers, Foot Pedal Operated Heat Sealers and Continuous Band Sealer equipment to meet pretty much any application. Our equipment is of the highest quality and the best price, customer service is a major priority for PACKMACHINE.

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Heat sealing machines are used for a variety of applications. Most commonly, they are used as plastic and polyethene bag sealers. Providing an airtight seal, they can also be used for food packaging and with additional materials such as foils and laminates.

We offer various types and sizes of bag sealers to fit the needs of smaller and larger sealing operations. PACKSEAL is a highly-respected brand, offering all kinds of sealing machines and material handling equipment. We have their professional bag sealers at affordable prices to keep your business operating efficiently and within budget.

PACKSEAL manual impulse sealers are easy to use, compact, and powerful. They're ideal for lighter duty bag sealing, and require minimal operator training to use. After setting the seal time, the bag is placed over the sealing element and the upper jaw is lowered, which activates the device. Once the preset time is reached, the operator simply removes the sealed bag. These units seal bags quickly and uniformly.

Foot impulse sealing machines are recommended for light to medium duty operations. They can seal various kinds of materials, such as BOPP, PE, laminations, and cellophane. This type of unit is activated by pushing on a pedal, and the machine will operate for the preset length of time. These devices are also very economical, and produce uniform, repeatable results.

Designed for light to medium duty applications, constant heat sealers can be used on a wide variety of materials. They have a different construction than the impulse sealers, but are also operated by pressing a pedal. In this case, the operator depresses the pedal when the bag has been sealed. This type of sealer is frequently used for food and nutraceutical products.

Continuous band bag sealers use a semi-automated bag sealing process to streamline production. They provide a strong seal for many kinds of bag materials, and can be used in environments when full automation is not possible. Filled bags are placed on the conveyor belt, and the bags are guided through the sealing process.

In addition to bag sealing equipment, you'll also find a full range of parts, accessories, and supplies. PACKMACHINE has the largest selection of packaging equipment and materials to keep your business operating at full efficiency. With more than 25 years of expertise in the material handling and packaging industry, we offer a large selection of premium products, exceptional technical support, and low prices.

Used in Thousands of applications worldwide made in the India

PACKMACHINE's Impulse Sealer's are used in thousands of packaging applications. Impulse sealers and are used by Banks for security packing of notes and coinage, Hospitals in chemotherapy, stem cell research, laboratory packing, Supermarkets for fresh fish, produce, delicatessen counters, Police forces for property bags, forensic evidence, drugs bags Fire brigades for chemical suit packing, electrical gloves, MOD for ammunitions amongst other applications, engineering firms to small business's producing spices, coffee, tea, dried fruit, potpourri, picture frames etc. Constant Heat crimp sealers can be used on laminated material such a coffee pouches, confectionery, Tyvec bags. popcorn etc.

Our recent design of a simple tube sealer provides a soluion to customers requiring a suitable machine to seal the end of their tubes without the cost of standard expensive tube sealers. Several tubes can be sealed at once if required for production runs or it can be used for single tube sealing for R & D applications. We have these in applications for beauty products, general food (icing tubes) and industrial applications. It is also perfect to seal stand up pouches in the upright position for powders and liquids.

Advantages of Our Heat Sealing Equipment

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing Sealing machines we offer Heat Sealers, Impulse Sealers, Bag Sealers, Sack Sealers, Vacuum Sealers, Stand Up Pouch Sealers, Tube Sealers and many more our quality and reliability is paramount to our customer service.

Industrial impulse Sealers are simple to service with heater bar assemblies and rubber pressure pads that can simply be 'unplugged or press fitted to ensure and maintenance time is reduced to a minimum. Consumable spares are kept at a minimal cost to ensure customers do not have large ongoing bills to ensure their machine is in first class condition. Our constant heat crimp sealer is used throughout the world due to its ease of operation and reliability.

Our bag sealers are manufactured from steel with a stove hammer finish providing excellent durability. Dual Electronic Timers ensure reliable sealing and ease of use. Our industrial plastic bag heat sealers offer a better return then low cost sealers with lower running costs longer life spans and reliable sealing to enhance your company's dependabilty for your customers.

Seal your plastic bags securely and safely using our range of Heat Sealers

Hand Sealers in Bangalore

Hand Sealers

These heat sealers are ideal for low volume bag sealing and for widths up to 500 mm wide. They are impulse sealers that apply heat via the element wire for only a second before the mechanism begins to cool the seal. These heat sealers have an adjustable timer but no cutting blade. There are four sizes of heat sealer available: 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm sealing widths which produce a 2 mm wide seal. Recommended for two layers of polythene film (PE film), each up to 150 micron / 600 gauge thick. Good for creating multiple product bagging in one piece of layflat tubing. With these heat sealers you can create a bag in 2 easy steps: 1. Push the sealing arm down. 2. Release the arm when the sealing is complete. Seals 100+ seals per shift.

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Foot Pedal Impulse Sealers in Bangalore

Foot Pedal Impulse Sealers

Economical and easy to use, foot impulse sealers are ideal for a variety of light and medium-duty bag-sealing tasks. They are easy to operate and free both hands during production, adding even more efficiency to your production lines.

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Continuous Band Sealer in Bangalore

Continuous Band Sealer

If you have a bagging operation in which you wish to speed up production, but automation is not an option, a continuous band sealer may be for you. A continuous band sealing machine offers many benefits.

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