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Coding and Marking Systems

Intelligent, future-proof coding and marking systems for industry and retail enable a clear marking of products with codes, logos or alphanumeric texts on nearly any surface. Thus, industrial marking systems play a decisive role in state-of-the-art production environments.

Due to continuous digitalization and Industry 4.0, the requirements on an industrial coding and marking system are ever-increasing. The printing of variable data, the integration into machines and systems and the intelligent networking of machines and flows are just part of what a state-of-the-art coding and marking system must do.

PACKMACHINE wins over customers in a wide variety of industries around the world with its systems. With improvements and continuous enhancements of its systems, PACKMACHINE creates solutions for the present and future. From inkjet printers to laser systems, on through to spray marking technology. PACKMACHINE offers the right marking system along the entire production chain - innovative and future-proof to protect your investment.

Coding and Marking Systems in Bangalore

Reasons why PACKMACHINE coding and marking systems?

  • High quality coding - high quality date, batch code, MRP printing
  • Low running costs - low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance
  • User friendly operation - the easy to use touch screen & user interface reduces the chance of printing errors
  • Minimal downtime - robust build quality and a reliable product minimises downtime
  • Dedicated India support - local, skilled care for your printer from highly skilled service engineers who deliver a prompt service, one of the fastest among all competitors
  • Range of inks - a wide range of black, coloured and white inks to print onto your product

Coding and Marking Considerations

Topics to keep front of mind as you weigh up your options on coding machines include the following:

  • Materials: What substrate(s) do you need to code? Manufacturers use a plethora of different substrates and shapes in modern packaging including paper, card, plastics, bags, tubes, pouches, medicines, glass, tape, tin, foil, film and many more. It is vital to have a clear view of the coding and marking tasks you need your equipment to perform.
  • Speed: As in all manufacturing processes, balancing speed, efficiency and accuracy are critical.
  • Legibility: The quality and readability of the codes you produce are vital and in some cases will be covered by detailed legislation.
  • Data features: Data driven codes come in many forms including variable data, embedded data, QR codes and graphics.

Coding and marking systems for everyday industrial tasks

Large Character Inkjet Printers in Bangalore

Large Character Inkjet Printers

Large character inkjet printers with 7-, 16- or 32-nozzle print heads are simple to operate, robust and highly flexible thanks to the modular design of the system components. Ideal for texts, data and logos with a print height of up to 140 mm per print head.

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High Resolution Inkjet Printers in Bangalore

High Resolution Inkjet Printers

High-resolution inkjet printers, based on HP cartridge technology or Piezo technology, print 1D and 2D codes, logos and alphanumeric information in high quality and resolution - directly and contact-free.

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Small Character Inkjet Printers in Bangalore

Small Character Inkjet Printers

Small character inkjet printer based on continuous inkjet technology (CIJ) print codes, logos and alphanumeric information at high speed and with a very short drying time. Ideal for smooth, non-absorbent surfaces such as foil, plastic and metal.

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Laser Marking Systems in Bangalore

Laser Marking Systems

Laser systems are suitable for sharp engraving markings on nearly any material and for color removal from all surfaces - abrasion-resistant, custom and forgery-proof. And these systems are nearly consumable- and maintenance-free.

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Inks & Consumables in Bangalore

Inks & Consumables

PACKMACHINE develops and markets more than 500 inks, paints, primers and cleaning agents for virtually every coding, marking and spray marking application worldwide. The use of original PACKMACHINE JET inks, paints, primers and cleaning agents guarantees reliable operation of the PACKMACHINE JET printing systems.

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