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Blister Packaging Machines

Blister Packaging Machines: Innovation and Precision by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore - Ideal for Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, and Consumer Goods

Blister packaging

Blister packing is a term used for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging adhered to a printed backing card (Blistercard). Blister packs are used for a variety of products including, small consumer goods, foods, and for pharmaceuticals.

Choosing a blister pack as an alternative to Skin Packing is one of the most effective ways to display and market any reasonably small product, allowing the consumer to visually inspect the product prior to purchase while offering security and a degree of tamper proofing.

Blister Packaging is where your product is held securely under a clear vacuum/thermoformed plastic blister that is sealed using heat against a coated printed card. The clear plastic used allows for perfect visibility of the product for the consumer, promoting good product and brand visibility in a retail environment.

The primary component of a blister pack is a cavity or pocket made from a formable web, usually a thermoformed plastic. This usually has a backing of paperboard, or a lidding seal of aluminium foil or plastic. A blister that folds onto itself is often called a clamshell.

The backing card of the blister pack can be printed on both sides and allows you to use the area to promote the sale of your product and brand, as well as providing usage instructions for the consumer. If provided with a euroslot, the blistercard can be easily merchandised on hanging hooks or with a vacuum formed tray, ensuring your product is presented in a professional way in the retail environment. A blister allows you to shape the blister to fit the product and with the right design work it can also support the blistercard to allow it to free stand on the shelf.

An alternative option is to trap and seal the blister between two cards, the blister flange is used to secure the product in place and provides a neater more aesthetic presentation of your product.

PACKMACHINE can provide bespoke blister packs to suit your product, this will involve commissioning a multi-impression tool, die cutter and blister seal jigs for each new design. Using the bespoke blister route also allows you to add a logo or text to your blister to give the full purpose manufactured packaging feeling to your product.

Blister packaging is suitable for packing and displaying a vast selection of products for retail merchandising. These include; toy figures, stationery, watches, batteries, cosmetics, D.I.Y products, spare parts and magazines with gifts, but the blister packaging route can be adapted and be suitable for almost any product. Blister Packs can also provide some protection for products left exposed for extended periods against external factors, like contamination or humidity and opaque blisters can also protect light-sensitive products against UV rays.

What is a blister?

A blister is a type of packaging done in thermoformed clear plastic that is mostly used in the marketing of small consumer products. Its use has spread since the blister pack is relatively cheap and permits the stored product to be viewed, providing extra quality checks.

Why use a blister?

  • Provides good protection to the product.
  • Inviolable
  • Adds value to the product thanks to its presentation.
  • Allows, depending on the design, to be hung easily, stand on a shelf, or both.

Blister types

  • Face-seal blister: Reduces plastic consumption. Suitable for small lightweight products.
  • Full-sealed blister: which improves product protection and improved blister image.
  • Trapped blister: adds value to the product by improving its presentation, facilitates selective recycling, and adds extra protection to the blister.
  • Full plastic blister: which offers good protection and improves the image adding value to the product.
  • Blister to blister: offers the best protection to the product and supports products of greater weight.
  • Clamshell, non-sealed thermoformed pack: whose lids close against each other and can be used as a case.

Benefits of Blister Packaging

If you are in food, drugs, or chemical industries, chances are you may not be sure whether to buy a blister packaging machine or not. To make things crystal clear, here are the top benefits of using a blister packaging machine:

  1. Guarantees product integrity: At this point, you can tell that this blister packing is used for very sensitive applications. They include food and drug industries. Blister packs provide an air-tight seal to the products. They won’t be exposed to moisture nor air.  In doing so, the end product will retain its quality.
  2. Tamper proof: Lister packages cannot be interfered with by any external physical forces. This also goes a long way in preserving the integrity of the pills and capsules.
  3. Cost-effective: Blister packaging can save you a significant amount of money, especially when you want to cut down on the cost of packing capsules and pills. It is cheaper than plastic packaging.
  4. Accurate dosage: Since the pills and tablets are in their designated packages, maintaining the accuracy of the dosage won’t be a challenge in any way. It will be easy for one to keep track of the drug dosage.
  5. Improves identification: As we have stated, labeling is one of the activities that are highlighted by the blister packing machine process. It ensures that the products are easily identified by their names among other information.

Extensive Range of Blister Packaging Machines for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Electronics, and More, Manufactured and Imported by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore

Blister Packing Machine in Bangalore

Blister Packing Machine XBF-500

XBF-500 Automatic PVC Plastic Blister Sealing Machine is suitable for transparent PVC attracting models and revertex card seal togather. It is transparent, artistic, moisture-proof, dustproof, guarding against disperses after the product seals packing. It is widely used in hardware, toy, stationery, eyeglasses, small daily use articles, battery, handicraft, auto fitting, electric appliance part, souvenir, commodity packing and so on.

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Blister Sealing Machine in Bangalore

Blister Packing Machine XBF-750

XBF-750 automatic high speed blister packing sealing machine is suitable for transparent PVC attracting models and revertex card seal together. It is transparent, artistic,moisture-proof, dust-proof, guarding against dispersesafter the product seals packing. It is widely usedin hardware, toy, stationery, eyeglasses, smalldaily use articles, battery, handicraft, autofitting,electric appliance part, souvenir, commodity packing and so on.

Check out our Blister Packing Machine XBF-750