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Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Whatever your application, our collection of fully automatic pallet wrapping machinery from Robopac - the premium name in stretch wrapping - is equipped to meet all your needs, as well as industry regulations. Our fully auto pallet wrappers are comprised of turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring models which can all be offered in manual loading or conveyor driven variations to fit your exact requirements. A choice of speeds, configurations, film carriages, loading ramps and wrapping cycles including standard, dust-proof and water-proof are also available. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone machine or a more integrated system, we can help.

Peruse our fully automatic stretch wrapping machinery range below or call our friendly packaging experts today to discuss your requirements.

  • Low maintenance, high performance and high speed philosophy throughout the Robopac design and build.
  • Film roping, film tensioning and film pre-stretch settings included for to achieve the perfect wrap.
  • Impressive stretch capacity with some models achieving up to 400%.
  • Included service contract to deliver long-term hassle-free maintenance.
  • Full expert site audits conducted to understand, improve and streamline your operation.

Wrap and secure pallets quickly with our fully automatic stretch wrap machines

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine in Bangalore

ROTOPLAT 3000HD Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Rotoplat 3000HD fully automatic stretch wrapping machine has low installation time, compact overall dimensions for transport, high production capacity and long operating time. All these features make it the ideal solution for those who require an efficient and reliable end-of-line wrapper, with low investment costs.

Check out our ROTOPLAT 3000HD Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine