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Multi Layer Paper Cushioning Machine

Multi Layer Paper Cushioning Machine in Bangalore

User-friendly and fast – Paperplus® Shooter

The PAPERplus® Shooter transforms single-layer kraft paper into multi-layer paper cushioning at maximum speeds, which you can use to fill cartons and block and brace products. The PAPERplus® Shooter can produce up to 3.7 meters of paper cushioning in a single second. The system is available as a free-standing or tabletop model, both of which are exceptionally easy to use.

They’re compact in size with adjustable height and boast a rotating head and an automatic cutting device. The speed can be infinitely adjusted as required. Our customers can also integrate the PAPERplus® Shooter into existing packing processes with the greatest of ease, and produce paper cushioning directly at the packing station.

The advantages of Paperplus® for protective packaging

  • Wide range: individual solutions from a diverse range
  • Superior: outstanding cushioning effect and compressive strength
  • Efficient: creasing technology for maximum material utilisation
  • Reliable: high availability through proven technology
  • Ergonomics: e.g. touch panels, foot pedals and noise reduction
  • Image: paper has a favourable image with end customers
  • Environment: papers with FSC certification and no coated types

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