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Industrial Strapping Machines

World class strapping machines for faster packing in high volume industrial environments

Increase your packing room productivity by using our industrial strapping machines to strap or palletise cartons or boxes for shipment. The semi-automatic strapping machine and fully automatic strapping machine guarantee to deliver both speed and quality. This cost-effective and highly convenient packing equipment will cut not just your strapping time but your shipping costs as well by unitising loads.

Ideal for plastic strapping, polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping, these machines feature high-grade technology and are convenient and simple to use. The semi-auto strapping machine is suitable for general strapping purposes, while the fully automatic strapping machine is ideal for use in heavy volume strapping needs, particularly when strapping strong and sturdy cardboard boxes.

An automatic strapping machine is a cost-effective piece of packaging equipment that puts an end to the time-consuming and tedious manual strapping procedure.

Our range of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines gives you the chance to considerably boost the output of your dispatch team. With speeds of up to 65 straps per minute on offer, that means high volume industrial environments can work faster and more efficiently, saving you both time and money. Call us now on 080 68125809 for more details!

When you need to pack and dispatch large numbers of parcels, strapping machines can do the job faster and more efficient than if you’re using traditional hand tools. The savings you can make in both time and costs mean that they could quickly start paying for themselves.

Range of Strapping Machines

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Easy to use and with a strapping cycle of just 2.5 seconds, this semi-automatic strapping machine can help your packing team work faster and more effectively.

This semi-automatic strapping machine is very simple to use – just feed your strapping around your package, and the machine automatically tensions and heat seals it. It’s also very safe to use, and will cut off if the top of the enclosed cabinet is opened.

It’s for use with polypropylene strapping between 6 and 15.5mm wide which it tensions to between 15 and 45kg. That strapping speed of 2.5 seconds translates into a potential 24 straps a minute, meaning that this is a fast and effective machine designed for reliable operation in high volume, industrial applications.

Automatic Strapping Machines

With a speed of up to 27 straps every minute, this automatic strapping machine offers a fast, accurate and consistently reliable solution. Ideal for high volume industrial environments where speed is of the essence.

This handy machine really couldn’t be easier to operate – simply place your carton under the arch, and at the press of a button or pedal it will be automatically and securely strapped. Three modes of activation are available: foot pedal, console button or ball switch.

You can adjust the tension of the strap by means of a simple dial easily accessible on the outside of the machine.

There are four options available for this automatic strapping machine – choose one of three strap widths (9mm, 12mm or 15.5mm) together with either an 850 x 600mm or 1050 x 800mm arch to suit your application.

Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

Our top-of-the-range automatic banding machine has a host of clever features designed to make your business work better. And with a speed of up to 65 straps every minute, it’s been built to handle the most demanding, high-volume dispatch environments around.

The high performance features on this automatic banding machine include: one-piece strap chute, auto strap eject, adjustable table height, centre control heater, ergonomic waist-high strap feed, front foot bar switch and a robust and compact mechanical strapping head. What that all adds up to is the best performance, highest speed, easiest to maintain and most effective automatic strapping solution in its class.

Ideal for use in high volume environments where efficiency and reliability are paramount, such as print finishing, corrugated industry and news printers.

Let our high quality strapping machines do the hard work for you

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-automatic strapping machines require an operator to function. The operator applies the straps around the load and initiates strap tightening. These machines are portable packaging stations that are optimal for low volume operations. Semi-automatic machines are also great options for backup and off-line strapping.

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Automatic Strapping Machines

Automatic Strapping Machines

Hands free securing of parcels with automatic tension, sealing and cutting of polypropylene strapping. Tension is set by user and depends on product being strapped. Best suited for regular, everyday use where products/ packages being strapped can vary in shape and weight and may require one or more straps, also ideal for bundling together packages for shipment.

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Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

Fully automatic strapping machines that offer a drop off area or conveyor systems to position a load for strapping. When machine sensors detect the load, the straps are automatically applied, tightened and cut without the need of operator interaction.

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