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Robotic Palletizer

Robotic Palletizer: Precision Palletizing Solutions by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore for Efficient Material Handling

Our robot palletising capabilities are spread across a wide variety of business sectors and are designed to work in line with our customer’s specific needs. From totes and boxes, drums and sacks, Trays and Jigs we have a robot palletising solution for all handling requirements.

Our palletiser systems range from the manufacture and supply of single robot cells to complete production lines using multiple robots that compliment PACKMACHINE’s extensive range of products. These integrate seamlessly with our conveyor, automation, AMR, Skypod, and ASRS solutions, ensuring we can provide the complete warehouse package.

We are able to implement specialist systems to strap, wrap, check, weigh and automatically print and apply labels to complete our robot palletising solutions. These systems are modular in design and can be configured to work with our shuttle cars, turntables and pallet de-stackers offering larger-scale solutions that can be run with minimal operator interaction.

Robotic Palletizer in Bangalore
  • Systems configured using a variety of mainstream robot manufacturers, including ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Yaskawa
  • Integration with specialist equipment, wrappers, strappers automated label application and barcode scanning
  • Bespoke robot gripper solutions designed to perform single or multiple picking tasks with consideration in handling heavy or fragile product
  • Integration with PACKMACHINE standard solutions including infeed/outfeed conveyors, shuttle cars, pallet de-stackers
  • Easy to use operator interface offering full control for modifying/monitoring of the robot cell via HMI
  • PACKMACHINE utilises sophisticated 3D robot simulation software to help develop low risk solutions providing a 3D visualisation of space and cycle time analysis

Robot palletisers are usually based on a multi-axis industrial robot, which can be programmed in a number of ways to form a pallet load. The packages may be moved individually, in rows or complete layers while the pallet remains in one position. Robot palletisers are typically similar in layout to a low-level palletiser, but they can also come in the form of a multi-position palletiser. Robot palletisers are suitable for low and medium speed applications.

What are the advantages of robot palletisers?

Stacking pallets is an integral part of packaging, warehousing and logistics. Manual stacking of boxes, bags and other packs is labour intensive and is prone to inaccuracy, damage and safety hazards including RSI (repetitive strain injury). There is also an advisory limit of 25kg for items carried manually. Even so, estimates suggest that some 50% of pallets are stacked by hand, with the load limit reduced further if lifted above waist height.

By contrast, robotic handling allows for consistent, accurate and safe pallet loading. Robotic arms and gantries can be configured to pick up packages of many different sizes, shapes and weights.

Robotic palletising also allows increased production speeds and no bottle necks. The systems can be integrated into end of line packaging installations, with stacked pallets ready for loading and despatch. Robotic systems can also be used for depalletising by reversing the flow from stacked pallet to individual packages.

What are the parts of a robot palletiser?


Conveyors transport packages to the area where they can be lifted onto pallets. In integrated packaging lines, the conveyors link the packaging equipment to the palletising equipment. Roller conveyors are frequently used, configured for the available space within the plant and the requirements of the weight, size and shape of the product.

Robotic arms gantries

The development of multi-axis robotic arms allows for flexibility in picking up and moving products through the angles and orientation required for precise stacking. Robotic arms are available in many different sizes appropriate for a large variety of installations.

Robotic arms rotate from a fixed position to place the product as required on the pallet. Overhead gantry robots are also used to pick up products and carry them over the length of the gantry.

End-of-arm robotic grippers

A key element in robotic palletisers is the method used to grip the product. The principal type of grippers are:

Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grippers use suction cups made from rubber or polymers, and are highly flexible with applications for a wide variety of products.

Pneumatic grippers

Pneumatic grippers are operated by compressed air driving jaws, clamps or fingers around the product. Jaws are arranged in parallel configurations, and other grippers range from two fingers to multi-finger designs.

Hydraulic grippers

The power of hydraulic grippers comes from high pressure created by pumping systems. While pneumatic pumps use air or gas, hydraulic pumps use liquid which, because it cannot be compressed, generates higher pressure in the fingers, clamps or claws.

Electric motor grippers

Electric motors are used to generate the power needed in jaws or fingers. They have the important advantage of being clean and can be adjusted for many material tolerances.

Integration of robotic palletising systems

Robotic palletising systems are frequently integrated in end-to-end packaging lines featuring carton erectors, label applicators, inkjet printing, barcode reading and scanning, vision systems and stretch wrapping. Some standalone robotic arms can be moved into different locations for flexible integration into different parts of the packaging line.

Why Choose PACKMACHINE For Robot Palletising

Great Technology

Our customers benefit from our proven technologies and extensive ever evolving product portfolio, enhanced using our innovative software solutions, ensures we deliver a robust, future-proof system.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your business’s specific needs. Utilising our long-standing wealth of knowledge and market intelligence ensures the final solution works in sync with your production requirements.

Professionally Delivered Projects

Our multi-skilled, professional and experienced engineering team will clearly identify your business requirements, define the right solution for you and deliver an industry leading, high-performing solution.

Service & Aftercare

You are in safe hands. Our services do not stop following project realisation. We offer various levels of after care and maintenance packages to preserve the value of your system.

Fast, Flexible & Reliable Robotic Palletizing Systems for Any Application

FUJI EC-171 Robotic Palletizer in Bangalore

FUJI EC-171 Robotic Palletizer

EC-171 robot has the largest working envelope of all Fuji robots while maintaining the smallest rotation radius.

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FUJI EC-201 Robotic Palletizer in Bangalore

FUJI EC-201 Robotic Palletizer

Through many years of research and development the EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizes on the market today. With three EC-201 models to choose from, Fuji offers a solution for High Speed (HS), Heavy Weight (HD) and/or Super Heavy Weight (W) applications.

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FUJI EC-102 Robotic Palletizer in Bangalore

FUJI EC-102 Robotic Palletizer

EC-102 was released as a next generation model and designed to meet both high speed and heavy-duty applications. It is able to economically cover a wide range of production requirements.

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