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Air Cushion Packaging Machine

Air Cushion Packaging Machine: Innovative Protective Packaging Solutions by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore for Safe and Efficient Product Transportation

When you’re short on storage space, keeping bundles of bubble wrap or bags of polystyrene void fill can be a big problem. After all, most of what you’re storing is actually air. How much more convenient would it be to inflate the air at the time you actually need it? An air cushion machine does just that – with the help of a simple machine and some flat polythene film, you can create the protection you need when you need it.

At PACKMACHINE you will find a variety of on-demand inflatable air cushion packaging machines such as air cushioning to solve your shipping need, from ship-from-store applications to full scale distribution centers. Our reliable machines use high quality films to create air cushions for packaging, wrappable patterns for light cushioning and hybrid cushioning that offers additional product protection throughout the shipping cycle and deliver a clean and enhanced unboxing experience for your customers.

Asides storage and cost saving benefits, air cushion packaging can also improve your customers unboxing experience - take a look at this blog to see how much you can improve your operation experience through effective packaging solutions.

Air cushion packaging doesn’t just take up less space, it can also save you quite a lot of money – our tests show that if you use ten bags of packing peanuts a month, you could save over ₹100000 in the first two years by changing the way you do your packing.

What is Air Cushion Packaging Machine?

Air cushion machine is a new kinds of mini packaging machine. Normally it is also called air pillow machine, air bubble machine, mini air cushion machine, etc.

These names are derived from its function for inflating various types of films like air bubble films, air pillow bags, multi pillow cushion films, double pillow films, air pillow quilt, air bubble bags, air cushion films, etc.

The machine works by filling air cushion films and then hot sealing nearly at the same time and then you can use the air cushion films to pack and protect your products in shipping.

Air cushion packaging machines are very easy to use. No training is required. You only need to check our user manual that attached together with the machine when you get the package. Follow the steps inside and then you would find the machine works amazing.

Why do you need an air cushion packaging machine?

  1. Save time: automatically inflation and easy to tear-off the films from the perforation lines. Speed up your packaging process.
  2. Save cost: machines are compatible with various types and sizes of air cushion films by setting and adjusting machine speed, temperature and airflow.
  3. Save space: machines are mini and only take little space. The air cushion films also flat before used and can be inflated based on the demand. For 1CBM, it is up to 150rolls air pillows 20cm height and 500meters length of rolls.

Air cushion packaging machines allow you to protect large numbers of products quickly and conveniently and stop objects moving around in the post. So you can create as much void fill as you need, fill any gaps and add a shock-absorbing layer of bubble wrap to every box.

We stock a selection of air-fill packaging machines to suit every business, from portable sealed air-fill machines for smaller businesses, to programmable production-line models. Looking for the best quality machine rolls too? Ask about our air cushion packaging accessories – all with next day delivery.

Fast-track your packaging with our air cushion packaging machines

AIRplus® Mini Inflatable Air Cushion Machine in Bangalore

AIRplus® Mini Inflatable Air Cushion Machine

When space is at a premium the AIRplus® Mini air cushion packaging machine fits right in. Small, yet highly productive the AIRplus® Mini packaging machine saves valuable storage and handling space used on a tabletop or a stand.

Check out our AIRplus® Mini Inflatable Air Cushion Machine
AIRplus® GTI Inflatable Air Cushion Machine in Bangalore

AIRplus® GTI Inflatable Air Cushion Machine

AIRplus® GTI air cushioning machine is hi-tech simplicity at its best. Offering convenient features combined with a processing speed of up to 75 fpm, AIRplus GTI is a reliable packaging machine that will deliver outstanding production and cost benefits to any packing environment.

Check out our AIRplus® GTI Inflatable Air Cushion Machine
AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler in Bangalore

AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler

The AIRplus® Cushion Packaging Film Coiler allows you to create large rolls of Cushion Film on-demand for distribution to the packing area as needed. This reduces supply handling and eliminates the requirements for storage of large rolls of protective bubble product.

Check out our AIRplus® Cushion Film Coiler