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Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

Versatile Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine from PACKMACHINE, Bangalore, for Seamless Packaging Solutions

Heat shrink wrapping machines are designed to be used with innovative packaging materials made of polymer plastic, also known as shrink wrap, to shrink tightly to a product when heated. Shrink wrappers are commonly used for wrapping items such as food, beverages, books and other merchandise but can also be used to store seasonal clothes and prevent them from getting damaged by humidity and dust.

Shrink wrappers are widely used to label products, decorate packaging, protect industrialised concrete, seal objects such as electrical wires, and wrap books and magazines for protection. Shrink wrapping machines provide heat to the shrink wrap in heat shrink packaging, making it easy for you to wrap your products securely. If you want to save storage space at your retail stores and protect your products from damage, try our shrink wrapping machines for the best results.

At PACKMACHINE, we offer high-quality shrink wrapping machines and shrink wrappers at the cheapest rates. You can contact our customer service team to learn more about shrink wrappers.

Heat Shrink Wrapping Machines

Why use shrink wrapping machines?

The key function of shrink wrapping is to:

  • Protect against dust, dirt and moisture
  • Prolong shelf life
  • Combine multiple units in a single bundle to facilitate handling, transport and storage
  • Make products tamper proof
  • Enhance the presentation of retail products
  • Overwrap cartons, trays, bottles and other forms of primary packaging
  • A stronger alternative to stretch wrapping

Shrink wrap also holds its shape very well, so products always look their best, which is a critical consideration for consumer products. It clearly shows if there has been any interference or tampering, an issue of prime importance for cheese, meats, prepared meals and pharmaceuticals, as well as bundles of currency or sensitive documents.

Compared to cardboard and plastic, shrink wrap is very space-efficient, taking up no more room in storage, transport or on the shelf than the products themselves. It is also lighter, so it is easier and less costly to handle and transport. It is suitable for products or groups of products of all kinds, shapes and sizes. It is often used for groups of bottles or cans, or to combine products in a multipack.

Shrink wrap is often used for transit wrapping and protective packaging for larger items, such as doors or even bricks on a pallet. It is also used to wrap and protect scaffolding, roofs, cars, vans, boats and loaded pallets.

A further key advantage is that shrink wrap machinery and materials are relatively low-cost. Smaller producers and operations can use simple shrink wrap machines with limited outlay, using either manual or semi-automatic processes. Higher investment allows for fully automatic systems, with savings on labour and the avoidance of tedious and repetitive manual work.

Who uses shrink wrapping?

The great versatility of shrink wrap gives it a role in a wide range of packaging uses in consumer-facing and industrial sectors, including:

  • Fresh food and dairy
  • Processed food
  • Confectionery
  • Beverages
  • Gifts
  • Household products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal care
  • Machinery and tools
  • Building products
  • Games and entertainment
  • Print and paper
  • Electronics
  • Computing

Why Purchase A Heat Shrink Wrap Machine from PACKMACHINE?

Whether you’re a small-scale start-up or are looking to expand your existing output capabilities, our reliable and powerful machinery will provide you with everything you need to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum overheads. To discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with a member of the team today.

Our shrink wrap packaging machinery is of the highest build quality and produces excellent finished results. Items can remain securely packaged during transit, storage, and on display. Furthermore, with high speeds and consistent results, our shrink wrap machine range will ensure that production time is streamlined.

At PACKMACHINE, we offer an effective way for businesses to produce professionally finished shrink wrapped packs, that can easily be delivered around the country or even overseas. Find all the latest up-to-date and innovative equipment required for an efficient and speedy production line that perfectly suits the requirements of your business. Here at PACKMACHINE, we have the largest inventory of machinery for shrink wrapping in the country. We are also able to lend our expertise and extensive experience within the shrink wrapping industry to match you with the best setup for your company’s requirements.

Our performance packaging machines will help transform your productivity

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Chamber Shrink Wrap Machine

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective shrink wrap machine, then chamber shrink wrapping machines are the ideal solution for you. They don’t cost much to run and from only a small footprint can provide excellently finished results. The machinery is extremely easy to use, combining the sealing and shrinking process at the same time.

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Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Our semi-Automatic shrink wrapping machines add a degree of automation to the shrink wrap process, to aid both the seal function and permit the automatic transfer of packs to the shrink tunnel. With these shrink wrap machines, pack speeds of up to 10 packs per minute are normally achievable.

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Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine in Bangalore

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

A fully automatic packaging shrink wrap machine begins with an output rate of 25-30 packs per minute and moves up to and beyond 100 packs per minute. This removes direct operator involvement whilst maintaining enough flexibility to be customized for most shrink pack profiles.

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L-Sealer Shrink Wrappers in Bangalore

L-Sealer Shrink Wrappers

L Sealing Shrink Wrappers are the optimal shrink film applicator for smaller product sizes. A heated arm is raised and lowered as products pass underneath. Shrink film is then heated and sealed around the product. This ensures the proper amount of shrink film is applied to each product.

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Shrink Tunnels in Bangalore

Shrink Tunnels

Shrink tunnels are the heart of shrink wrap systems. Shrink tunnels move products along conveyor systems while maintaining an even consistent temperature. This improves the shrink wrap process allowing for equal wrap application around the entire product.

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Shrink Sleeve Wrappers in Bangalore

Shrink Sleeve Wrappers

Shrink sleeve wrappers use a horizontal sealing arm to wrap trays of products like cans. A shrink sleeve wrappers is a great secondary packaging application for finished products ready for unitization.

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