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KZW-8060D Automatic Strapping Machine

HUALIAN BRAND KZW-8060D Automatic strapping machine is another of the range of unprecedented quality packaging automation tools. Designed to integrate into any packaging line. These strapping machines come in fully and semi automatic versions.

KZW series automatic strapping machine can be used in production line of which objects differ in size and irregular in shape,and it can achieve unmanned strapping together with power conveyor. Power belt tabletop and access transmission mechanism are adopted, with easy maintenance. KZDW seies is ideally suited for large or heavy products.

KZW series automatic strapping machine is widely used to strap various packages (except annulations) in all kinds of fields. It can be single-unit operation or equipped onto the production line.

This entry-level arch automatic strapping machine of excellent build quality is ideal for high volume applications with packages of variable shapes and weights as well as for bundling together boxes for shipment. Simple to use, it provides automatic tensioning, sealing and cutting and produces up to 27 straps per minute. The KZW-8060D takes 9-15mm polypropylene/plastic strapping, with automatic feed, and has a maximum tension force of 70kg which can be manually adjusted externally (minimum 10kg). The machine has four castors and its feet can be adjusted for uneven floors, giving it an all-round stability. The arch size is 74 x 60cm (height x width). The strapping coil is mounted externally at a suitable height for easy access and changeover. The strapping cycle, which is just 2.5 seconds, is activated via the control panel, an electrical footswitch or a table pressure switch, providing a versatile fast and easy operation. A short feed sensor detects when the strap coil has ended, with an auto loop ejector automatically ejecting the remainder so that a new coil can be loaded quickly. The tensioning and sealing head is of robust build for durability and reliability. This automatic strapping machine weighs 300kg and measures 158 x 62 x 147 cm (width x depth x height).


Strap Feed

Very easy and accessible strap feed for loading, includes a reel brake for ultimate control.

Control Panel

Simple to use, includes on/off switch, strap feed timer, tension control and a feed/home switch.

Compact Mechanics

This compact machine, which includes electronic tension control, is easy to maintain while providing safe and reliable functionality.


Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50 220/60 3Phase
Power (W) 1100
Max. Strapping Size (L×H) (mm) 740*600
Strapping Speed (sec/cycle) ≤2.5
Strapping Force (V/hz) (N) 25-700 (Adjustable)
Height of Table (mm) 750
Width of Strap Used (mm) Plastic strap 9-15, thickness 0.5-1.1
External Dimensions (L×W× H)(mm) 1580×620×1470
Net  Weight (kg) 300
Max.Loading Weight(kg) 50

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.