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Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser

PACKMACHINE Bangalore Presents: Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser for Seamless Packaging

Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser Manufacturers in Bangalore

Welcome to PACKMACHINE, your trusted partner in innovative packaging solutions, based in the vibrant city of Bangalore. We are proud to introduce our Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser, a product that redefines efficiency and security in the world of packaging.

Our Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser is designed to excel in a wide range of applications, making it the go-to choice for businesses across diverse industries.

Whether you operate in e-commerce, manufacturing, or shipping, this dispenser is engineered to streamline your packaging processes and provide unmatched security.

This dispenser's standout feature is its compatibility with water-activated tape, also known as gummed tape or Kraft paper tape. When used in conjunction with our dispenser, this tape creates a strong adhesive bond with your packages, ensuring they remain securely sealed throughout their journey. The tamper-evident quality of water-activated tape is particularly crucial for businesses dealing with high-value or fragile items, instilling confidence in both businesses and customers alike.

At PACKMACHINE, we understand the importance of efficiency in today's competitive market. That's why our Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser is designed with user-friendliness and versatility in mind. Its ergonomic design and ease of use minimize the time and effort required for packaging, allowing your team to work more efficiently. Moreover, this dispenser accommodates various tape widths and lengths, providing flexibility to meet your unique packaging needs.

We invite you to explore the benefits of PACKMACHINE's Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser. Experience the convenience, security, and efficiency it brings to your packaging operations, and join countless businesses that have already optimized their processes with our cutting-edge solution. Trust in PACKMACHINE for packaging excellence, right here in Bangalore.

Better Pack 333 Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

The Better Pack 333 is a rugged, reliable, simple-to-use manual water-activated tape dispenser. (The Better Pack 333 is also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed tape dispenser or gum tape machine etc.). The Better Pack 333 has 15 preset tape lengths measured in inches on a dial.

  • Sealing between 1 and 100 cartons per day/per 8hr shift.
  • Packing stations without access to electricity
  • Ideal for pack station portability.

Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser Features

  • 15 preset tape lengths on a clearly marked dial
  • Dispenses up to 30”
  • 44 oz. Water Bottle Capacity
  • 2 water brushes provide consistent, uniform adhesive wetting
  • Zinc Coated Steel side frame construction
  • Guillotine blade for clean, even tape cutting


  • Optional top heater