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PFS-800 Foot Operated Sealing Machine

Elevate Your Packaging Standards with the PFS-800 Foot Operated Sealing Machine from PACKMACHINE, Bangalore: The Epitome of Excellence in Sealing Technology, Catering to a Multitude of Industry Applications

PFS-800 Foot Operated Sealing Machine in Bangalore

For polyethylene, polypropylene, saran, nylon, pvc, and mylar. The PACKMACHINE line of Impulse Foot Sealers is ideal for sealing large heavy bags. The foot operated sealing machine is manufactured with a high-quality iron frame, durable so that you can use it for years. By having a foot control, the hands are free to feed the machine. It is like having an extra hand. The design of anti-skid footpads increases the stability of the device and improves the efficiency of sealing. Besides, It is simple to use, and no operator training requires.

SEALING & CUTTING FUNCTIONS 800MM: Max. Seal length: 32 in; Seal width: 0.1 in. This pedal impulse sealer features Teflon coated jaws with a heating wire. Bags are hermetically sealed, ensuring that items are tightly enclosed and waterproof. It can achieve the cutting function when it heats enough. It comes with two heating wires in total.

AUTOMATIC HEATING CONTROL: This foot bag sealer adopts electric impulse technology. The heating time can be adjustable from 2-4 sec to 0.2-2 sec according to the bag's material and thickness, improving work efficiency. It can seal metalized film, laminated film, thermoplastic film and aluminum film, foils, etc.

EFFICIENT PEDAL OPERATION: The commercial impulse sealer is equipped with a pedal switch, which allows the sealing process accomplished with one step, taking you less time and energy. The foot pedal sealing machine shortens the sealing time and saves labor compared with a manual sealing machine.

STURDY METAL CONSTRUCTION: The heat sealing with foot pedal is made of premium iron and plastic, durable for long-lasting use. The stand is sturdy with four non-skid rubberized pads, one of which is adjustable to control the stability. Besides, it is designed with a copper transformer for over-temperature and overload protection.

WIDE APPLICATION: The commercial pedal impulse sealer is designed to seal the film of different materials. It is suitable for sealing the plastic packing bags of all kinds of candy, food, goods, stationery, and medicines for factories, stores, service industries, etc.

Foot Operated Sealing Machine in Bangalore

Impulse Sealing & Cutting 800 mm

The foot impulse sealer achieves sealing function through a thermal conductive flat wire, making films sealed tightly. You can replace different heating wires to achieve the cutting function. Sealing Length: 32 inches.

Foot Sealer in Bangalore

Adjustable Heating Time

The hand-held heat bag sealer is equipped with a heating time controller and two working lights for safe use. It is easy to adjust the heating time to adapt to a different film. Heating time: 0.2-2 s.

Foot Impulse Sealer in Bangalore

Convenient Pedal Switch

The hot sealing machine features a convenient and simple pedal operation. What you need to do is just stepping on the pedal, which is more efficient than using a manual impulse sealer.

Foot Impulse Sealing Machine in Bangalore

Sturdy Iron Structure

The foot pedal sealing machine is made of high-strength iron, resistant to high temperature. The heating and sealing elements are rugged and durable. The footpads are non-slip for stability.

Foot Sealing Machine in Bangalore

Pure Copper Transformer

The foot pedal impulse sealer has a high-quality copper transformer inside and an impulse sealing system, which offers a uniform, neat, and tight seal. No warm-up time necessary.

Foot Pedal Sealing Machine in Bangalore

Various Application

The foot impulse sealer is applied to sealing PE, cellophane, laminates, and so on, perfect for sealing equipment for household, retail, agricultural, grocery, and industrial sealing.

Technical Specifications

Model PFS-800
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Impulse Power (W) 1800
Sealing Length (mm) 800
Sealing Width (mm) 2 3 5 8 10
Heat Time (sec) 0-2.5
External Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm) 855×570×880
Net Weight(kg) 29

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.