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Pneumatic L Sealing Machine

HUALIAN BRAND BSL series pneumatic l sealing machine can convey the products automatically into shrink tunnel through conveying belt for shrink packaging after sealing & cutting. Equipped with shrink tunnel to reach higher working capacity.

The pneumatic l sealing machine can wrap approximately 16 items per minute (depending on operator speed). This unit is suitable for Polyolefin and/or PVC shrink packaging materials. Once the operator places the product on the seal table, he begins the packaging process by pressing a dual push button system. Pneumatic pistons push down the seal bar and drive it up once the cycle is completed. Subsequently, the motorized conveyor system engages, which transports the product into an optional shrink tunnel. The seal bar may also be actuated automatically by switching the machine to the auto mode and adjusting the sealing time interval.


  • A safety device that prevents the sealing knife from overheating and guarantees the operator's safety.
  • Nano-fiber cutter holder and anti-sticking thermostable nichrome cutter that ensure good sealing without cracking or coking.
  • Conveyor belt height is adjustable via hand wheel.
  • Time relay that ensures accurate control of sealing & cutting times.
  • Electro-magnetic hold-down provides a more secure seal.
  • Sliding roll holder, fully adjustable for different sized rolls of film (max. width:550mm).
  • Return cylinder equipped to control sealing & cutting frame.
  • BSL-5045LA is equipped with the pneumatic mechanism.


  • BSL series semiautomatic L-seal cutting machine is applied to heat shrinkable film such as PVC, POF, PP, etc.
  • The machine is designed to pack electronic products, hardware, software, foodstuff, printing, pharmacy, floor, ceramics, etc. in small amounts.
  • To use in the place where there is restriction on space, such as small factory, monopolization shop, and laboratory, etc.


Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50
Air Pressure Required (kg/cm³) 6-8
Power (kw) 1.2
Capacity (PCS/h) 800-1200
Max. Packing Size (mm) W+H<450,W<400
Max. Sealing & Cutting Size (L×W) (mm) 500×450
External Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 1560×757×1040
Net Weight (kg) 135