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Pneumatic Strapping Tools

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Pneumatic Strapping Tools in Bangalore

We sell only high-quality but affordable pneumatic strapping tools for PET (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) strap for all kinds of sizes from 13 till 19mm. Pneumatic banding tools have ISO and other needed certificates.

All pneumatic strapping tools have a 12-month warranty. Service is in India. If something is wrong with the pneumatic strapping tool we perform a service and send you a replacement pneumatic strapping tool for that period.

What is a pneumatic strapping tool and why choose it?

A pneumatic strapping tool sometimes called an air hand strapping tool, is an important tool for a wide variety of workshops, factories, and industrial plants. The pneumatic tool operates using compressed air provided by the air compressor. As a rule, the compressor operates according to the principle of decreasing air volume or air acceleration. The most commonly used is piston compressors. The pneumatic tool is an excellent choice for carrying out tasks that require precision, at the same time it is the best strapping tool for smaller and more difficult accessible spaces and places that cannot be accessed with larger devices. Therefore, various industries are increasingly using pneumatic tools. The pneumatic banding tool is generally ergonomic and practical, it is a user-friendly hand banding tool in terms of usability and comfort.

Price of pneumatic strapping tool

Pneumatic strapping tools are accessible tools and are not that expensive, compared to other strapping tools and machines. A good pneumatic hand tool is available for less than a thousand euros. The price is highly correlated with the quality of the air strapping tool and it also depends on strength of the pneumatic tool.

Pneumatic strapping tool AQD 19 for PET and PP strap

AQD 19 pneumatic strapping tool 13-19 mm is extremely high-quality at a good price with a 12-month warranty. Suitable for both PET and PP tape. Pneumatic banding tool is used in all industries and is an indispensable tool for packaging. It saves time and increases the efficiency of packaging. The pneumatic strapping tool is modern, lightweight, reliable and ergonomically designed strapping tool. With pneumatic banding tool, you can fasten PET and PP straps; different thickness and width.

How to use a pneumatic strapping tool?

Bundle the package with a plastic strap and put one end of PET or PP strap above another. Insert both upper and lower parts of the packing belt into the pneumatic strapping machine. Then, press the tightening button with the thumb of the right hand till the packaging belt is tight fully. Then press the fusion button with the thumb of right hand till the packaging strap is fused and cut off. Finally press handle and tightener tightly with the right hand. Press the rewinding button with the little finger of right hand till the strap is released from the take-up pulley. Press handle and tightened button tightly and remove the tool from the packing strap.

How to adjust the time of friction fusion of pneumatic strapping tool

The time of friction fusion can be adjusted according to the dimension of the packaging strap, the quantity of air pressure, and the condition of the pneumatic strapping tool. For this reason, a small screwdriver is used to adjust the small screw below the fusion button. The time will increase if rotating clockwise and decrease if rotating anticlockwise. Tighten the lock nut after adjustment. Sound fusion can ensure smooth and burr-free joint.

Pneumatic strapping tool vs battery strapping tool

The pneumatic tool is easier and stronger compared to electric, which means that it performs exactly the same job as an electric tool, but using a lighter and handier tool. Pneumatic tools are more economical and safe to use; therefore, it is used in the automotive industry, the construction industry, and the metal industry. The costs of energy consumption are considerably lower when using a pneumatic tool than with the use of an electric one. In order to produce a certain amount of kinetic energy, the compressor consumes considerably less electricity than the power tool consumes. The pneumatic tool has a longer lifetime. Even long-term and everyday use do not harm the tool. As the pneumatic tool does not work with the engine, it does not overheat and cannot be overloaded. Therefore, maintenance is not necessary. The pneumatic tool is safe and doesn’t pose any risk of electric shock or explosion. They are also suitable for use in a damp or wet environment. However, in order that pneumatic strapping tool works, the access to compressed air is needed, therefore is not that mobile and practical as battery strapping tool.

Pneumatic Strapping Tools by PACKSTRAP, Bangalore: Let Our High Quality Pneumatic Strapping Tools Do the Hard Work for You

AQD 19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool in Bangalore

AQD 19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool

High-quality pneumatic strapping machine for PET and PP strap AQD 19 is one of the best and lightest pneumatic tools out there. This pneumatic strapping machine is developed by using top grade material and advanced techniques in compliance with international quality standards. Pneumatic banding machine can be used with polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) straps wide 13-19mm (1/2″ to 3/4″).

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