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Sealing Machine

Seal your plastic bags securely and safely using our range of heat sealers

Sealing products in a protective plastic bag can be vital for ensuring they reach their destination safely and securely. Whether you’re utilising our cost-effective layflat tubing to create your own bags, or if you’re using pre-made polythene bags that need sealing, our various standard and impulse heat sealers can save you time and effort. A practical and simple method to conveniently contain products, a sealed bag will provide some extra protection to their contents by keeping them free from dirt, dust, and moisture. Plus, it helps to keep products secure from the sudden bumps and shocks of transit.

Sealing Machine in Bangalore

Polythene heat sealer are packaging tools that are used to melt layers of plastic film together. As a result, the 2 separate sides will seal together and form a bag or a sleeve which can cover and protect your products. Usually the plastic sheet is naturally cut by the heat, but if you’re looking for a more professional, neater edge, you should consider purchasing a hand held heat sealer, or a table top heat sealer, with a built in cutter.

PACKMACHINE offer a comprehensive range of Hand Operated Plastic Bag Heat Sealers, Foot Pedal Operated Heat Sealers and Vacuum Sealer equipment to meet pretty much any application. Our equipment is of the highest quality and the best price, customer service is a major priority for PACKMACHINE.

Types of Sealing Machines

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of machines and the methods of heat sealing.

L-sealing Machine

The L-sealing machine is a particular kind of bag sealer which uses a thermoplastic film folded lengthways. The product is placed between the two halves of the film before the L-shaped sealing bar encloses the pack, which is sealed on three sides. An L-sealing machine is often used along with a shrink tunnel.

Side Sealers

Designed to wrap solid products of all sizes, side sealers can use either shrinking or non-shrinking films, and are amenable to the packaging of even irregularly shaped products. Side sealing machines are pretty low maintenance with excellent levels of performance and versatility.

Skin Packers

A thermoplastic film is placed over the surface of a cartonboard blank then heated to form a tight seal around the product, adhering it to the blank. Skin packing is mainly used for the packaging of electrical and small building products.

Tray Sealing Machines

Tray sealing machines are widespread, ranging from small units that perform sealing only, to automatic vacuum sealing and gas sealing machines (for example). Such machines are able to use a variety of types of trays alongside suitable materials. This enables their use across an array of product packaging needs.

Capsule Sealing

For pharmaceutical product packaging, capsule sealing is essential. Capsule sealing creates a tamper-evident seal over each individual pill/capsule, whilst also containing active pharmaceutical ingredients, preventing degradation ahead of use. Equally, some pharmaceutical products can be hazardous to handle (e.g. cytotoxins), so automating the packaging process with a capsule sealing machine reduces physical handling and keeps workers safe. Capsule sealing is also an inexpensive technique, with low impact on plant infrastructure.

Impulse Sealer

Impulse sealer machines are powered tools utilized to seal various types of plastic packaging. Generally, they are used on poly bogs with hold multiple parts or components. It operates by using an electrical impulse to heat a metal wire. This heat then melts two layers of plastic together. This method delivers an airtight seal which can only be opened by cutting or ripping the plastic.

Cap Sealer

Bottles are usually capped with a tamperproof closure via the use of a cap and bottle sealer. The cap is placed on the bottle and then passed through the sealing machine. This machine uses a non-contact heating process to weld the inner seal to bottles and jars. Once complete it creates a tamperproof closure between the top of the container and cap.

Band Sealer

Pouches are often closed with band seal machines in a horizontal or vertical fashion. It works with a pair of bands to grab the top of a packet and pass it through a heating element. With lightweight packaging this can be achieved with the sealing bands holding the package itself or heavier items can be placed on a conveyor belt. You can also find these machines with a tilt feature. This enables packaging holding liquid to be sealed with the opening point upwards to avoid spillage.

PACKMACHINE for Heat Sealers and Packaging Equipment

PACKMACHINE has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Heat Sealing machines to almost every sector of the Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Aeronautical and General industries for over 20 years. With their focus on customer satisfaction backed up by a well documented quality system of ISO9001 certified to UKAS standard you can be confident that any solution to your heat sealing needs can be addressed by one of the vast range of heat sealers available.

What is a Seal Machine?

Sealing machines are particularly versatile for the wrapping of solid products of small to medium dimensions. A sealing machine is able to use different types of film, making it amenable to various product packaging runs, without excessive maintenance requirements.

Heat sealing, incorporating the use of thermoplastic film, is a key aspect of plastic sealing machine techniques. However, machinery for corking bottles, screw capping, and sealing machines such as crimpers and sewing machines all have uses for particular kinds of product packaging needs.

Automated packaging machinery, such as sealing machines, has brought countless benefits to the product packaging industry. Packaging sealing machinery brings significantly improved labour productivity on the factory floor, allowing workers to be elevated to less manually-focussed roles, remove them from potentially unsafe or toxic environments, and improve general working conditions.

Sealing machines also ensure consistent packaging quality and hygienic conditions for products, eliminating hand contact which can contaminate the product. Packaging costs are reduced, as are storage costs for loose products (e.g. with compression packaging). Finally, the versatility of sealing machine equipment allows for handling specialised requirements which may vary from product to product.

Why is a Heat Sealing Machine Important?

Heat sealing machines are important to ensure the quality, shelflife, safety, and tamperproof nature of products. It enables you to create an airtight sealing at the top of your packaging to stop foreign objects, substances, and air from entering the product. This makes it particularly popular with pharmaceuticals, food, drink, and chemical industries.

Here are the main benefits of sealing machine:

  • Prevents product leakage
  • Preserves shelflife of product
  • Ensures safety of product
  • Protects the product from bacteria and pests
  • Creates tamperproof seal

We hope that within our bag sealing machine range you have been able to discover a bag sealer that is 100% suitable for your individual needs and demands and that will enable you to improve your business activities, streamlining your packaging processes and improving efficiency. However, if you are for any reason still unsure as to which of our bag sealers to choose, we advise that you call our highly knowledgeable and professional team today who are always happy to help.

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Hand Sealers in Bangalore

Hand Sealers

These heat sealers are ideal for low volume bag sealing and for widths up to 500 mm wide. They are impulse sealers that apply heat via the element wire for only a second before the mechanism begins to cool the seal. These heat sealers have an adjustable timer but no cutting blade. There are four sizes of heat sealer available: 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm sealing widths which produce a 2 mm wide seal. Recommended for two layers of polythene film (PE film), each up to 150 micron / 600 gauge thick. Good for creating multiple product bagging in one piece of layflat tubing. With these heat sealers you can create a bag in 2 easy steps: 1. Push the sealing arm down. 2. Release the arm when the sealing is complete. Seals 100+ seals per shift.

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Foot Pedal Impulse Sealers in Bangalore

Foot Pedal Impulse Sealers

Economical and easy to use, foot impulse sealers are ideal for a variety of light and medium-duty bag-sealing tasks. They are easy to operate and free both hands during production, adding even more efficiency to your production lines.

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Continuous Band Sealer in Bangalore

Continuous Band Sealer

If you have a bagging operation in which you wish to speed up production, but automation is not an option, a continuous band sealer may be for you. A continuous band sealing machine offers many benefits.

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