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FR770 Vertical Continuous Band Sealer

FR770 Vertical Continuous Band Sealer: Superior Sealing Solutions by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore for Diverse Packaging Needs

Vertical Continuous Band Sealer in Bangalore

Our Continuous Vertical Band Sealer FR-770 is for packing and sealing of liquid goods and suitable for sealing and bag-making of various plastic and compound films. The machine uses an electronic constant temperature mechanism and stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism, making it suitable for assembly line. You can print the production date, logo etc. on the package of your products simultaneously. Due to the different thickness of the bag, it is recommended that the temperature and pressure value should be adjusted properly.

Excellent Performance: Sealing Width: 6-15 mm (0.24-0.59 inch); Film Thickness: 0.02-0.8 MM; Sealing Speed: 0-12 m/min. This continuous bag band sealing machine fits different seal assembly lines with an embossing wheel and printing wheel equipped.

Strong Copper Motor: Our vertical bag sealer boasts a copper motor with enormous power and high sealing efficiency. This motor provides less noise while maintaining stable sealing performance.

Human-Friendly Design: This auto sealer focuses on details. Besides an easy-to-operate control panel, the buttons can adjust height and pressure to meet different demands. Also, two handles make itself portable for users to move if necessary.

Durable Construction: This continuous sealer has all-metal construction with durable electrostatic paint treatment. The heating block and cooling block are made of pure copper. This premium material against wear is relatively solid.

Far-ranging Scenarios: This kind of seal machine is suitable for bags with a thickness of 0.02 mm-0.8 mm on both sides, fit for the seal of plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, compound bag in the industry of medicine, agriculture, food, etc.

Features Of FR770 Vertical Continuous Band Sealer

Band Sealing Machine

Simple Operation Panel

Include a power button to turn on/off the machine, a FAN switch and a HEATER switch. Speed button is for adjusting the sealing speed. Temperature can be monitored and adjusted.

Continuous Band Sealer

Emergency Stop Button

On the control panel, there is an emergency stop button. This button is designed for users to prevent the potential trouble quickly so as to decrease the loss and protect the machine.

Horizontal Band Sealer

Thickened Conveyor

The sealing machine is equipped with a thickened conveyor. It is durable and anti-friction. Offer a great load capacity for the sealer and guarantee a long-term service life.

Continous Band Sealing Machine

Adjustable Height And Pressure

The up down and front behind of conveying table, and the height between sealing table and conveying table can be adjustable. Adjust pressure to meet different thickness of the bag.

Heavy Duty Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer

Full Copper Date Printing

Offer you a full copper print wheel with letters and numbers. You can print the production date, time etc. on the package. The machine is equipped with embossing wheel and type wheel, and you can replace the type.

Continuous Band Sealers

Wide Application

This automatic sealer is perfect for the production line. Suitable for food, medicine, daily necessities, chemicals, electronic units, seeds packaging, and suits many different film material, such as PP, PE, PV, OPP, PS.

Specifications of FR770 Vertical Continuous Band Sealer

Model FR770
Power 500W
Pattern Vertical
Voltage 220V/50 Hz
Seal width 6-10mm (5-12mm adjustable)
Sealing speed 0-16 m/min
Sealing thickness 0.02-0.80 mm
Temperature control range 0 - 400 °C/32 ℉ - 752 ℉
Conveyor Load Max. 5.0 kg
Number of printing ≤39pcs
Motor Power 80W
Function Sealing, Printing, Counting

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.