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Wide Shrink Tunnel

Upgraded for large, heavy packs

We can offer a range of wide shrink tunnels to complement our wide inline sleeve sealing machines and these are distinct from their regular counterparts in a number of ways. Wide shrink tunnels are required to wrap much larger and much heavier items and so they have a number of specially designed and upgraded features to make them suitable. These include upgraded belts, upgraded drive motors and improved air flow, to achieve the optimum shrinkage around the products.

Shrink tunnel machines by PACKMACHINE, besides being beautiful, are also technologically advanced. Versatile and flexible, our heat shrink tunnel machines can be used with different types of shrink film; the result is always guaranteed, with packages sealed, hygienic and aesthetically pleasant.

Wide Shrink Tunnel

Tech Specs

  • Variable Speed Control
    Providing complete control of production speeds.
  • Heavy-duty Conveyor Belt
    With drivers positioned across the full width of the belt to prevent stretching.
  • Accurate Temperature Control
    With up to six fans ensuring a customisable air flow pattern inside the tunnel and therefore consistent end pack presentation.
  • Choice Of Finish
    Available in mild steel or stainless steel to suit any environment.
  • Exceptional Build Quality
    With upgraded component parts in order to handle very heavy loads.
  • Service Contract
    Included as standard.

Perfect Shrinkage For Larger Packs

A range of upgraded features are incorporated into our wide shrink ovens in order that larger packs can be accommodated. Accurate temperature controls ensure a consistent end pack presentation, as well as multiple air fan motors for precision air flow throughout the large heat chamber. Smoothing rollers at the outfeed ensure total enclosure of packs, which is especially important for water-proofing purposes and to limit damage to packs in transit. Finally, the steel mesh belt has an upgraded design with drive points positioned across the whole width of the belt. This feature means that even the heaviest of packs are transported throughout the tunnel with ease and prevents any stretching or misalignment of the belt over time that would happen with a friction-driven belt.

Unmatched Expertise From PACKMACHINE

PACKMACHINE have over 25 years experience supplying shrink wrapping solutions and so we are no strangers to wrapping large and heavy products, with an impressive list of installations under our belts. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your application.

Show-stopping Service

We are proud to be unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every shrink wrapping machine supplied, offering you extra peace of mind.

Will A Shrink Tunnel Machine Be Suitable For My Product?

We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements for shrink wrap heat tunnels, particularly if you need to package large or fragile goods. We have a fantastic range of the most up-to-date, innovative shrink tunnels available on the market, all at extremely competitive prices.

We always work with our customers to deliver modern and economical machines. As we continue to work to improve our range please note that we may vary any stated specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us for the latest information and advice on which shrink tunnel best meets the needs of your business.