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DZ-260S Vacuum Packing Machine

DZ-260S Vacuum Packing Machine

PACKMACHINE Vacuum Sealing Machine Commercial Automatic Sealer Kitchen Storage DZ-260S

This digital vacuum packing machine uses plastic composite film or plastic foil composite film as the packaging materials. Mainly used to vacuum and seal food, grain, fruit, preserved fruit, electronic elements, even the liquid, powder, etc. Moreover, constructed of a transparent glass lid, the packaging process is fully displayed to you. A good choice for you!

GREAT VACUUM EFFECT: Motor Power: 0.12 KW; Effective Sealing Size(L x W): 10" x 0.24"(255 mm x 6 mm); Vacuum Pump Rate: 3 m³/h; Chamber Dimensions: 12.9'' x 10.8'' x 2''(330 x 275 x 50 mm). Fine suction and sealing performance.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONTROL PANEL: Come with an intuitive digital panel divided into several parts, vacuum gauge, operating adjustment zone, emergency stop button, and sealing temperature zone. The vacuum gauge results in accurate real-time observation.

TRANSPARENT GLASS LID: Transparent organic glass lid has great hardness, providing explosion protection, making the vacuum and sealing process visible to users. The lid shape design enlarges the vacuum space.

USER-FRIENDLY DETAILS: Made of stainless steel, it has good resistance to corrosion, durable, fastness and easy to clean. Ventilation and other details are designed for smooth operation.

WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable for foods, medicines, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, and other items(solid, liquid, or powder) by using plastic film or plastic aluminum foil film.

Features Of DZ-260S Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine

120W Vacuum Pump

Adopting a 120W vacuum pump, premium electric components, the vacuum sealer has a good sealing effect with 1~4pcs/min packing speed effectively. The sealing temperature range is extensive to fit different materials of packaging bags.

Vacuum Packing Machine For Food Products

Operating Panel

Controlled by a micro-computer, the single chamber vacuum packaging machine will automatically finish the whole process, including vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, and venting. An emergency “stop” button to stop the packing procedure.

Vacuum Packing Machine Commercial

Well-designed Details

One heating sealing bar is made of imported epoxy high temperature-resistant material, leading to fabulous sealing performance. And the bar supports long service life and easy replacement.

Vacuum Packing Sealing Sealer Machine

Transparent Glass Lid

Transparent organic glass lid with safety buckle fix the lid when it is vacuum and sealing. Therefore, it’s beneficial for you to observe the whole process through the lid.

Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Considerate Details

The built-in cooling ventilation brings away the heat caused and distributes more efficiently. 4 rubber feet at the bottom support the stable running. In case the accident happens, the safety switch reminds you to cut off the power.

Industrial Vacuum Packing Machine

Wide Application

It can be used to vacuum and pack food, grain, fruit, preserved fruit, medicinal materials, electronic elements, precise instrument, rare metals, etc. Whether liquid, solid, powder, or paste, all can be packed by this machine.

Specifications of DZ-260S Vacuum Packing Machine

Model DZ-260S
Power supply 220 V/60 HZ
Motor Power 120W
Vacuum Pump Rate 3 m³/h
Sealing Length 10” (255 mm)
Vacuum Pump Rate 20 m³/h
Sealing Width 0.24” (6 mm)
Sealing Time(adjustable) 1~5 s
Packing speed 1~4 pcs/min
Suction Speed 2.9 CFM
Shell material Stainless steel
Ultimate Vacuum 100Pa
Workroom lowest absolute pressure <=1KPa
Workroom size 12.9'' x 10.8'' x 2''(330 x 275 x 50 mm)
Machine Dimensions 15.9'' x 12.6'' x 13.4''(40.5 x 32 x 34 cm)

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.