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Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine

Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine: Innovative Food Preservation and Packaging Solution by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore

Tabletop industrial vacuum sealer machines are the smart solution for industrial packaging of small products. Their compact size fits preexisting bench and tabletop areas.

Our affordable tabletop industrial vacuum sealer machines is simple to operate, maintain and clean. PACKMACHINE tabletop vacuum chamber sealers have a transparent lid enabling your operator to inspect products during the sealing process.

Table top vacuum sealer models offer automotive packaging in a compact space. Medical device manufacturers benefit from our all stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machines by PACKMACHINE, Bangalore: Superior Packaging Solutions for Various Industries and Products

DZ-260S Vacuum Packing Machine

DZ-260S Vacuum Packing Machine

This digital vacuum packing machine uses plastic composite film or plastic foil composite film as the packaging materials. Mainly used to vacuum and seal food, grain, fruit, preserved fruit, electronic elements, even the liquid, powder, etc. Moreover, constructed of a transparent glass lid, the packaging process is fully displayed to you. A good choice for you!

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