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Pallet Conveyor Turntable

Pallet conveyor turntables are a type of material handling equipment used to change the direction of pallets or other heavy loads as they move along a conveyor track. These turntables can be used to move loads around corners, to change the orientation of a load, or to merge or divert loads from one conveyor track to another.

At its most basic level, a pallet conveyor turntable consists of a circular platform that is mounted on a bearing or other type of rotating mechanism. The platform is designed to support the weight of a pallet or other heavy load as it is rotated around the turntable.

Pallet conveyor turntables can be powered or non-powered, depending on the specific needs of a facility. Non-powered turntables rely on manual force to rotate the platform, while powered turntables use an electric motor to rotate the platform.

One of the primary advantages of using a pallet conveyor turntable is its ability to change the direction of a load without the need for additional material handling equipment. Instead of requiring multiple conveyors or lifts to move a load around a corner or change its orientation, a turntable can accomplish this task with a single, efficient movement.

Pallet conveyor turntables can be customized to fit the specific needs of a facility. They can be designed to accommodate different pallet sizes and weights, and can be integrated with other material handling equipment such as conveyors, lifts, and sorting systems.

When properly designed and maintained, pallet conveyor turntables can provide a safe and efficient way to move heavy loads around a facility. They are a valuable addition to any warehouse or manufacturing operation, providing a reliable and customizable solution for changing the direction or orientation of loads as they move along a conveyor track.

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Gravity Roller Pallet Conveyor Manufacturers in Bangalore

Gravity Roller Pallet Conveyor

Gravity roller pallet conveyors are a type of unpowered conveyor. As such manual force or gravity is required to push the pallets over the rollers. Gravity pallet conveyors have heavy-duty rollers mounted within a frame which sits off the floor. It is important to have some sort of braking control so that pallets can be stopped at any point for safety purposes.

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Chain Driven Roller Pallet Conveyor Manufacturers in Bangalore

Chain Driven Roller Pallet Conveyor

Chain driven roller pallet conveyors are ideal for transporting loaded pallets, and other very heavy items. They are incredibly durable, with a frame manufactured from fully welded steel. This type of roller conveyor is positively driven through the use of chains. These chains attach sprocketed rollers to one another which keeps each of the rollers turning consistently with no loss of friction. These conveyors are available in a wide range of widths, lengths, and heights to suit almost any sized pallet for most applications.

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Pallet Conveyor Turntable Manufacturers in Bangalore

Pallet Conveyor Turntable

Spaceguard manufacture both manual and automatic pallet conveyor turntables. Turning on 90° or 180° angles dependent on whether the turn table’s used to change the pallet orientation or to turn corners. Within a conveyor system. These units can be supplied as stand alone conveyors, or incorporated within a turn key conveyor system.

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