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Powered Roller Flexible Conveyor

Flexible powered roller conveyors can take your conveyor solution to the next level of productivity and efficiency. They provide advantages in versatility, footprint, ergonomics and more.

POWERFLEX utilizes powered rollers to enable fast, efficient loading or unloading of packages in shipping, transportation, packaging, and other applications with less operator assistance.

These conveyors can flex around corners, service multiple dock doors, or navigate close quarters where other infrastructure or equipment is present. When not in use, valuable space can be saved by retracting the conveyor to its smallest footprint.

By eliminating workarounds and extra steps in moving packages, POWERFLEX also improves ergonomics, reduces injury risk, and increases overall package handling efficiency.



POWERFLEX conveyors are able to bend and twist as needed to go around obstacles. Conveyors can even curve up to 90º and 180º curves.

The flexibility of POWERFLEX conveyors also allows a single conveyor to service multiple doors.

Continuous Duty Drive Motors

Fractional DC motors with serviceable brushes help power the rollers which allows the product to convey without the assistance of additional personnel. These durable DC drive with 120 VAC allow adjustable line speeds from 0 to 120 fpm.

Simple Electrical Components

POWERFLEX conveyors are designed with simple to use power and communication cables, along with easy-to-use operation switches to power the conveyor on and off.

Heavy-Duty Rollers

Heavy duty 16 gauge precision bearing rollers on 12 mm axles provide a durable surface to convey products.

Product Flow Control

Optional Read-Between-The-Rollers photo eyes allow zero-pressure accumulation and can act as an electronic package stop. Electronic controls enable cartons to move directly to the discharge end without stopping until the reach the last zone of accumulation. When a carton is removed the conveyor will start again to bring the next carton into position.

Ergonomic Side Handles

Ergonomically designed side handles provide a safe grabbing point for operators to open and close conveyors. POWERFLEX conveyors offer multiple handles types to ensure the best solution is provided.

Heavy Duty Casters

Conveyor casters with brakes help make it easier to roll over uneven surfaces.