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Vacuum Packing Machine

Advanced Vacuum Packing Machine: PACKMACHINE, Bangalore - Ideal Solution for Preserving Freshness and Extending Shelf Life

The basic principle of vacuum packing something is simple. You take a vacuum bag containing your product and remove the air by means of a vacuum machine system. The finalised result is a neatly packed product that is fully protected for storage, preservation or presentation.

Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machines are used for prolonging food conservation times by maintaining the product's organoleptic characteristics. This is achieved the use of appropriate vacuum bags & shrink wrappers which allow a vacuum to created when air is removed from the bag. This stops the proliferation of bacteria production at low temperatures and increases the shelf life of the product- allowing for the creation of multiple types of commercial preserved foods. Vacuum packing has proved essential to operations in a variety of businesses, particularly in restaurants who use commercial sous vide cooking in their commercial food preparation. Entrepreneurs have also benefited from investing in commercial vacuum packing as vacuum packed products have allowed business owners their reach through the production of vacuum packed meal delivery kits. Commercial vacuum packing allows chef's to expand their imaginations and the scope of their commercial catering business.

We are experts in supplying both commercial grade vacuum systems as well as the range of consumable, specially tailored vacuum pouches. We strive to offer an all-round, no fuss solution for anyone whose business requires their product to be vacuum packaged. Whether you require a means to seal fresh or dry food for storage or wish to prepare food items in a sous vide style we have products to suit you.

The use of our vacuum systems is not, however, exclusive to the food preparation industry. Perhaps you own a business in which you sell and distribute clothes online. Vacuum sealing your product will result in a more compact, professional looking package. Equally, removing the air from your parcels may improve delivery efficiency and dissolve some of the unnecessary weight costs. This is but one example of the many ways in which you could utilise one of our vacuum sealing systems.

With decades of experience serving the food trade, we at PACKMACHINE understand that the importance of secure product packaging. As a small business or a large industrial scale operation, one of your greatest concerns will be maintaining the quality and increasing the shelf life of your food product. In achieving this, we highly recommend the use of vacuum packers which are one of the most popular methods of packaging within the food industry. One of the main reasons vacuum packers are so commonly used is because they are extremely versatile and easy to use. Whether your business is already using vacuum packers or if you are interested in introducing them to your packaging process, we at PACKMACHINE can assist all of your needs.

What is vacuum packing machine?

What is a vacuum packaging machine? A vacuum packaging machine puts product in a film bag, de-aerates the bag by decreased pressure in a vacuum chamber, and seals the bag. It prevents discoloring of product and heightens display effect. To avoid smashing, those with a gas-inflating function are available.

What is the purpose of vacuum packing?

Vacuum packaging refers to the technique of removing air from a pack prior to sealing and it predates the use of gases as a means of food preservation. Its principal purpose is to remove oxygen by pulling the packaging material into intimate contact with the product.

How does a vacuum packing machine work?

Once the product is placed in the machine, the lid is closed and air is removed. Then, there is a heat seal inside the chamber that will seal the bag, after sealing the bag the chamber is refilled with air by the automatic opening of a vent to the outside. This oncoming pressure squeezes all remaining air in the bag.

What items can be vacuum packed?

A vacuum sealer is capable of extending the shelf life of all kinds of dry goods, including cereals and grains, milled products, coffee, spices, nuts and beans. Sealed foods not only will stay fresher longer but they also take up less storage space.

Vacuum Packaging

How long does vacuum packed last?

Vacuum packing allows it to stay good for up to 3 - 5 times longer than that has been stored in supermarket bought packagings such as bags or plastic containers.

Shelf Life Conventional Storage Vacuum Packed
FROZEN 6 - 12 months 2 - 3 years
REFRIGERATED 1 - 2 days 2 weeks

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Versatile Vacuum Packing Machines: PACKMACHINE, Bangalore - Elevating Food Preservation and Packaging Solutions for Diverse Needs

Household Vacuum Sealer in Bangalore

Household Vacuum Sealer

More than just a common food sealer, the VAC-10 is made to perform a wide variety of tasks beyond food packaging: Use it to protect gear, tools and spare parts from salt and humidity; safeguard important pictures and documents; make emergency kits for car, home, or your loved ones; baby proof your delicate belongings; keep bait fresh; reduce odors and seeping aromas; compact your clothes to carry less luggage; meal-prep and portion your diet; or protect your valuables for a sunny day at the beach.

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Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine in Bangalore

Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine

Ideal for the food serving industry including restaurants and culinary institutions, as well as for home and hobby use like hunting and fishing. More than just a common food sealer, the VAC-275 is made to perform a wide variety of tasks beyond food packaging. Protect gear, safeguard valued items, make emergency kits, reduce odors, compact clothes, babyproof items, and much more!

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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine in Bangalore

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The VAC-500-F is a mid-sized industrial-grade self-standing vacuum packaging machine. It's equipped with a heavy duty oil-filled rotary vacuum pump, a dual bar wide-seal sealing system, analog controls, and casters for ease of movement. Its chamber size allows it to be used of a wide variety of applications, as it can hold products of larger proportions.

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Double Chamber Vacuum Machine

The E-VAC-610-FD double chamber vacuum packaging machine is ideal for high-speed packaging applications. This rugged machine is equipped with two heavy duty oil-filled industrial rotary vacuum pumps, two wide-seal sealing bars per chamber, analog controls, and casters for ease of movement. Its chamber size allows it to be used of a wide variety of applications, as it can hold products of large proportions, while its double chamber design quickens production speeds and simplifies the packaging process.

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Thermoformers are packaging machines that start with a film for packaging film form the packages for foods. The packages are then sealed with vacuum, map or skin. Perfect for packaging fresh and processed meat, cheeses, fresh pasta, sandwiches, fish, bread and bakery products, PACKMACHINE thermoforming machines meet all the needs of small, medium, and large productions, ensuring efficiency and speed in format changes.

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Vacuum sealing boosts quality and protects packaging contents. The process reduces the amount of oxygen in the package to prevent the growth of bacteria and for increased storage time. While commonly associated with food or electronics, this packing method applies to a variety of products from pharmaceuticals to electronics.

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