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Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool FAQs

In the sections below, we will answer your questions as to why you need a battery strapping tool, the price range of the battery strapping tools, how the battery strapping tool will help increase your productivity, how the battery-powered strapping tool works, and the advantages of a battery strapping tool are.

Why you need a battery strapping tool?

New battery strapping tool is an excellent investment for anyone involved in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and for whoever performs any packaging with straps. There are a large variety of advantages attached to the purchase of a new battery banding tool, one of them is that the user can customize battery strapping tool to any setting that meets the needs of their packing methods. Battery strapping tool can be used for vertical and horizontal packing and it can strap pallets, boxes, wood, bars and many other objects. In addition to this, the new generation of battery strapping tools are made with materials that are extremely durable and are resistant to all external factors, which gives the tool an even longer lifespan. Battery strapping tools are ergonomic which makes handling very easy. Another advantage of battery packing tool is its outstanding tension power. We sell battery strapping tools with a packing force of up to 5000 N. This makes it possible to pack very large heavy and unstable products.

Battery strapping tool price

The price for a battery strapping tool depends on multiple factors, however, you can expect a return in investment within months when you consider the time saved using it. Battery strapping also increases speed in packing products, and indicates direct savings on the cost of clips, since they are not needed. The prices of battery strapping tools vary from a thousand euros to a few extra thousand euros. The price depends on if the machine is fully automated (automatic tensioning, friction welding, and cutting) or semi-automated. Also, another key factor is also how powerful is the machine and the width of the strap it can seal.

How does battery strapping tool work?

The battery strapping tools are suitable for plastic PP or PET straps. The strapping process starts by pressing the power button, the tool starts and begins to tensile the strap to the desired level. The battery strapping tools come in two types, there is the semi-automatic battery strapping tool and automatic battery strapping tool. Most battery strapping hand tools that we sell are automatic, this means that the battery strapping tool automatically performs tensioning, friction welding, and cut the plastic PP or PET strap. Battery banding tools are extremely economical, and they decrease packing time by more than 4 times. Battery strapping tools are powered by a high-quality lithium-ion battery, which has a long-life cycle, while at the same time enabling recharging. The battery strapping machines which we sell can tension, friction weld, and cut 200 or more straps with just one charge.

What are the advantages of battery strapping tool?

The advantages of battery strapping tools are immeasurable. They provide premium Quality packaging, they are economical, powerful, affordable, ergonomic and very easy to use. These are but a few characteristic features that describe the new generation of battery strapping tools. Electric strapping tools will effectively lower the cost of packaging and at the same time help save time that would otherwise be tripled if handled for manual packaging. You will be able to use a new battery pack for many years, as it keeps its power as well as its performance during operation. For any additional information or advice on purchasing, please feel free to contact us. We will help you find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Service of battery strapping tools

Our highly trained service staff are equipped with all the needed tools and spare parts required for servicing and repair, therefore we can usually fix the battery strapping tool within the duration of one or two weeks. If the machine falls down or something else is wrong, you can contact us and we will send you the location where to ship the damaged battery strapping tool.

Is battery strapping tool safe to use

Although the battery packing tool is relatively safe some safety precautions are required from the user. The tool must be used by properly trained people. When battery strapping tools are used by untrained staff or are used carelessly the quality of strapping provided can be jeopardized thus leading to strap breakage and package damage. The user needs to check the seal joints made by the battery strapping tool. Goods with bad seals shouldn’t be moved. Also battery strapping tools shouldn’t be used for pulling or lifting goods as they were not designed for this use and thus aren’t adequate for such operations. Ensure that you are standing in a safe position during the strapping cycle, and use the correct strap quality, width, thickness, and break strength that is adequate for the particular package.

Which strapping performs better, PET or steel?

There are three strapping materials, Steel, Polyester (PET) and PP (Polypropylene)

In the last 10 years, PET strapping has taken the market by storm, replacing steel in probably all but the heaviest or hardest applications. It is safer, easier, strong, and meets the acceptable operational standards of all major Australian industry sectors.

Steel is still used in very small products such as pipes and tubes because the PET strapping tool technologies cannot strap very small bundles. In addition, it is still used in hot environments where the strapping is in contact with hot products.

Beyond these critical applications polyester straps, purchased from reputable manufacturers, using quality strapping tools or machines will deliver excellent results.

PP strapping is normally used in light applications such as the closing of small boxes, empty cartons, small light mixed pallets. It has a tendency to stretch beyond 22% of its original state, so is not suitable for compressing and holding heavy or large products.

Let our high quality battery powered strapping tools do the hard work for you

ZP93A Battery Powered Strapping Tool

ZP93A Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Introducing the New ZP93A battery combination strapping tool for PET strapping by ZAPAK. Zapak's strapping tool ZP93A is suitable for 12~16mm wide and 0.65~1.27mm thick PP and PET strap. Tension force of the device is about 10-250 KGS.

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ZP97A Battery Powered Strapping Tool

ZP97A Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Introducing the New ZP97A battery combination strapping tool for PET strapping by ZAPAK. Zapak's strapping tool ZP97A is suitable for 16&19mm wide and 0.70~1.27mm thick PP and PET strap. Tension force of the device is about 40-400 KGS.

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