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Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Easy to operate high performance friction weld battery powered hand strapping tool with vertical and horizontal applications and on uneven surfaces. The strap is tensioned, sealed and cut quickly and efficiently. The advanced and pre-programmed adjustable tensioning force control panel allows tension and sealing time to be set precisely for soft, medium or high tension settings.

Battery Powered Strapping Tools in Bangalore

Save time and effort with our versatile battery powered strapping tools

Battery-operated hand strapping tool makes light work of using 12-19mm polypropylene or polyester strapping on your loads, without the need for separate seals. You don't need separate tensioner or sealer/cutter tools either. It's easy to operate and the battery is rechargeable.

For professional and efficient strapping cycles, our convenient all-in-one strapping tool is hard to beat. It is driven by a rechargeable battery, has a superb ergonomic design that even allows one-handed operation. Suitable for plastic and polyester strapping, the portable strapping tool performs 3 functions: tensioning, sealing and cutting. This great pallet strapping tool makes the hand strapping process quicker and easier. It caters for strap widths of 12-19mm, supplying a tension range of 10-400kg, perfect for most applications – and no need for separate strapping equipment or metal seals.

This friction weld plastic strapping tool answers to the challenge for an efficient, ergonomic and convenient solution. No need for separate strapping equipment for tensioning, sealing, and cutting as the battery operated strapping tool does all three with only one button! It makes a suitable partner for polypropylene and polyester strapping with widths of 12-19mm.

Ideal for general strapping applications, this seal-free automatic strapping tool supplies between 10-400kg tensioning range, depending on the package and the quality of the strapping. Plus it gives a professional finish to your packages that will impress your customers!

Used indoors or out as it is totally portable, the poly strapping tool is so comfortable that you can operate it with just a single hand. It makes strapping a breeze!

Benefits of Battery Powered Strapping Tools from PACKMACHINE

Whether you order one or multiple battery powered strapping tools from PACKMACHINE, you can

  • save money on labor costs
  • make the strapping process simpler for your workers
  • increase overall efficiency

We are committed to only carrying the top-quality tools that are made using the best available materials. This helps make sure that all of our customers receive the most reliable products in the industry.

Get Manual Strapping Tools for Other Applications

If automated battery powered strapping tools aren’t ideal for your application, we also offer manual strapping tools to further improve your packaging systems. You won’t need to be concerned about being unable to find the right strapping equipment when you shop with PACKMACHINE, as we have plenty of reliable options available. We’ll help you find the right products for your systems, regardless of the application.

Other Strapping Products

Working with PACKMACHINE provides you with a full catalog of packaging supplies. In addition to manual and automatic strapping tools, you can also get high-quality strapping products at PACKMACHINE. We offer everything from plastic strapping made from polypropylene (PPY), polyester (PET), or Nylon strapping to a selection of steel strapping for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications. You can utilize our strapping materials to help further maximize the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of processes such as box closure, unitizing, palletizing, and more.

To see our available battery powered strapping tools, please contact us today. You may also call us at 080 68125809 to speak with our customer service department and find the best tool for your application. We look forward to becoming your #1 packaging supplies provider no matter what you need.

Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool FAQs

In the sections below, we will answer your questions as to why you need a battery strapping tool, the price range of the battery strapping tools, how the battery strapping tool will help increase your productivity, how the battery-powered strapping tool works, and the advantages of a battery strapping tool are.Read more

Let our high quality battery powered strapping tools do the hard work for you

ZP93A Battery Powered Strapping Tool in Bangalore

ZP93A Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Introducing the New ZP93A battery combination strapping tool for PET strapping by ZAPAK. Zapak's strapping tool ZP93A is suitable for 12~16mm wide and 0.65~1.27mm thick PP and PET strap. Tension force of the device is about 10-250 KGS.

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ZP97A Battery Powered Strapping Tool in Bangalore

ZP97A Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Introducing the New ZP97A battery combination strapping tool for PET strapping by ZAPAK. Zapak's strapping tool ZP97A is suitable for 16&19mm wide and 0.70~1.27mm thick PP and PET strap. Tension force of the device is about 40-400 KGS.

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